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An excursion into the history of the company

December 2016

race historyRACE was not a pioneer in the market of Ukraine or Dnepropetrovsk car rental. The first rental company opened its doors in the Dnipro city not so long ago, somewhere in the beginning of 2000.

The activity and pre-history of the RACE Company (Rent A Car Enterprise) begins with Dnepropetrovsk, so this region is still our favorite region till today. Our office has been opened on the 44, Dmitry Kedrin street, and till today it is there. Now our office has become a whole floor of the building but in 2006 we started from only one room.

For several years, our services, taking advantage of a significant number of people.

RACE is the national operator of the car rental. Despite the huge dominance in the auto rental market of international companies, we keep the leadership in this area. Most consumers are turning to our offices in different regions find our price is quite attractive, and the service is relevant international standards in the field of car rental. We were many times treated clients with Platinum card for a discount in the international car rental companies, but our prices are cheaper, in comparison with the rental value of the "international companies" even if we include all the platinum discounts.

For more than 6 years of work we have managed to become not just a company in the field of car rental in Ukraine, but also just a good friend to many of our customers. Probably one of the most enjoyable moments, is that when after 2 - 3 years, you again see a client who appealed to you at the beginning of our Company. A lot of people come to us only on the recommendation, but it is not just limited to one city people, they come from all over the world.

Serving the customer who made the order, not rarely hear, "our friends take a car at your office last year and are very satisfied, now we have arrived to you" Yes, it's super. There is nothing above the ordinary human relations, when you're doing things that important for someone, and someone was pleased what you did, even though it is your daily work.

If you will need a car rental, and you have never used this service - now you know exactly whom to ask. No, we are not arrogant or achievement, we just want to do good for you, and how big we would not, even if tomorrow we will not be 5, but have 150 offices - for us you will always be the most valuable. At one time, Carnegie said a remarkable phrase, which we have based in our business, "Give me all the money in the world and take the people - in the time I am nothing" and vice versa, "Take everything, but give me a people - and through time I have everything. " Thank you for ALL of us, we are trying and will try to bring you only the good moments in life, which is sometimes just not enough.

RACE, 2012

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