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Special 50 UAH promo for car rental

January 2017

The period of the campaign is November 2013 - March 2014!

Rent a car for less than 5 euros per day, for only 50 UAH a day!!!

Dear customers, we offer early car rental reservation, which allows you to take a rental car at very cheap price, lower rental costs.
You can book a car rental for 50 UAH a day. Do you think it's not real? This is really - just make order 6 months before rental and you will get a car for low price.
Price reduction is possible to achieve due to different transport congestion, with your help, and through early booking, we just distribute rental cars in practically nothing. All these programs are made for people who want to save money and have the opportunity to order a rental car in advance.
Cars offered at a reduced price are available in limited quantities, if the car is not enough, have to take on the standard terms and conditions, or to take cars for hire another class. Hurry to book a rental car! Be the first. You can simply send a request to your rental period 6 months and receive proposals on the presence of vehicles in any class.

Early Booking terms and conditions:
- Increased the amount of deposit
- 100% prepayment for the entire rental period
- Limitation mileage - 100 km per day
- Extra charge for a re-run at the rate of 10 UAH per 1 km
- Hard time with the reservation .... by including the rental time.
- Upon cancellation of the booking 100% loss of prepayment.
- hire date transfer is possible only within the declared and paid dates.
- Impossibility of extending the car at a reduced payment - only on a general basis. This means that the rental period must be specified in advance.
Preferential rates for the rental car (only for bookings of at least 6 months prior to the start of the car hire)

All prices are for 1 day in hryvnyas Ukraine.

The price includes:
1. Vehicles
2. CDW and TPL insurance
3. all the maintenance, taxes and fees
4. The tire according to the season
The price does not include:
1. delivery and selection of car
2. Car wash upon delivery

The action is over. To find out about current rates for rental, please go to

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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