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Receive and return the car at holidays without any payment

January 2017

самообслуживание автоYou can take advantage of self-service in some of our offices. Many have used this service abroad, as it automatically provides one way or another operator.

What is the service of self-service?
You can take your own car or rent it without attracting any rental manager. It is not clear what advantage this service? Plus many. Very often in a particular company, you suggested an increased rate on a rental car, because you ordered the car late at night and even in the day, and want to return the car late at night as well. Almost every company takes over the services of an additional payment that it was not acceptable to you. The question arises: is it possible to take advantage of the rental car, but without the payment of any additional services, especially if the cost of any additional services exceeds the cost of the lease. It is for these purposes and the service was created "self-service", when you take your own car to the point of issue, without the involvement of a manager and just return the car on their own, putting it in the company parking lot and left the car keys and documents.
Payment for the rental service, use "self-service", held on the card or in another form - in advance.

How to use?
Call us, order a car rental service, if you need the services of "self service", ask our operator for the availability of these services in a specific region. If the service is provided - you can use it.

At the time of writing, the services are available at the self-service Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Tbilisi, Batumi, Lviv and Kharkiv.

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