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Rent a sport car in Kyiv

May 2023

Have you ever wanted to rent a sport car and experience the thrill of driving a powerful car? All over the world, renting sport cars is becoming more and more popular, each year gaining momentum and attracting new clients with their novelties. If you think there are no such services in Kyiv, you are wrong, because the capital also likes speed, style and drive. Nothing can stop Ukrainians, if they want something, so the hire of elite sports cars will be also if there is demand for it.

Popularity of rent a sport car

If we compare with European cities, then of course the demand for expensive cars' rent in Kyiv is not so high. While for our market it is quite a young service, but in Europe, renting a sport car is a common thing. Many businessmen, actors, sportsmen often take elite cars for a trip, coming to a new city. Often such cars are rented on vacation to attract attention or just for a quick ride for your pleasure. In the capital it is more entertainment than comfortable service. Nevertheless, there are McLaren, Ferrari and even Lamborghini in car rentals collections.

Kyiv and sport cars

The capital may have the largest number of car rentals, which offer exclusive models of fast cars. Each of them tries to attract attention in its own way: some offer exclusive models of cars that other rental companies don't have; some attract by more convenient conditions, for example, rent without deposit or 15-minute rental. Therefore, the flow of clients is formed on the basis of requests and expectations from such rentals. There is no sense to write the names of companies, you can easily find them on the Internet by searching "rent a sports car Kyiv". What to pay attention choosing such an elite service, it is worth telling a little.

  1. Availability of exclusive models. Of course, if you are chasing a certain rare model Ford or consider only Lamborghini for rent, then your circle will be narrowed to 1-2 companies that have such exemplars.
  2. Price. Just like with any other service, you should compare the price of rental of the same model in at least 3 different companies and choose the best option. If the price differs a lot, pay attention to the year of the car, perhaps the models differ in age.
  3. Terms. They are about the same in all rentals, but for some models may be stipulated individual rules, for example, rent only by the hour, or only with an instructor at the wheel. Also, may differ in the minimum age and required driving experience, you should consider it.
  4. Location of the office. Usually this is not a problem, but in some cases, may become an inconvenience, for example, if you rent a car for 15-30 minutes and want to drive around town, or if you decide to give a trip to friends who do not have a car, then you just do not have time to get to the city, if the location is a hundred kilometers from Kyiv.
  5. Reviews. It's trite, but if the service is reliable, it will have a good rating according to reviews on the Internet or in social networks.

Kyiv and sport cars

What can you rent in Kyiv?

When you have choosed the company, you can proceed to the choice of the car. So, what particular car can be rented in Kyiv?

McLaren MP4-12. This is a racing car, which was designed specifically for Formula 1, so you can feel like a real racer in this car.

Lamborghini Huracan. Perhaps there is nothing more spectacular yet. This exclusive supercar with an excellent design, world-famous name and excellent characteristics. The engine is 5.2 liters, 610 horsepower, and acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a classic sporty two-seater with a 4.0-liter H6 engine and 500 horsepower. The model makes you feel the character of sporty Porsche on the roads of Kiev.

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Convertible sports cars for hire

If usual cars without a roof do not appeal to you, the line of sports cars also has something to please you.

For example, you can rent a Lamborghini Gallardo. This 5-liter roadster will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider will look no less spectacular. Convertible with a folding roof has a 4.5-liter atmospheric V8 petrol engine and the power of 570 horsepower.

If you want something a little more brutal, rental services also offer a four-seat Chevrolet Camaro with an electric roof to give you a break from the wind.

Connoisseurs of the German concern can rent a BMW Alpina B6 with an impeccable design and a 4.4-liter V8 engine.

Where to go for a ride in a sports car?

If you hired a supercar in Kyiv, but didn't think beforehand where you'll drive it, here are some useful tips:

  1. Choose roads distant from the city center, and better generally go out of town. However, you don't want to pass Khreshchatyk for everybody to see what a luxury car you have, it is better to avoid this, if you don't want to spend all your rental time in a traffic jam, or worse, scratch your car in crowded narrow streets in the center.
  2. To feel the power of a sports car, nothing should distract you, so the roads with lots of traffic lights and intersections are not suitable. Try to drive on the highway or autobahn, where the speed limits are lower. But remember, that traffic cameras work not only in the city, but also outside the city, so be vigilant.
  3. Do not forget that if your car has a very low clearance, not all roads you can pass, so it is better to build a route without speed bumps and ledges, if you have chosen the lowest car.

We hope the article will help you to choose an exclusive sports car rental in the Ukrainian capital. We wish you excellent trips and unforgettable impressions!

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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