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Rest 365 days in a year is Georgia

November 2016

rest in GeorgiaDo you dream about rest, but your vacation not always falls on summer days, because you have a complete load at your work, and prices are very high in August. What have to do and where to go on to rest which you  planned so long?

We found an excellent place for rest – it is Georgia. The rest in this location is  possible 365 days in a year, tourists can rest the whole year and it is not simply so. We will explain what you can do at any season and you will be agree with us on everything 100% about the rest in this a wonderful country.

Summer months and up to the middle of October - certainly rest on the beach, friendly Black sea, the sun, beach. There are many people who prefers other rest in these months, mountains of Mestia, Stepancminda. Tourists ride to mountains the whole year, who wants to visit mountain-ski resorts. Many people arrive to admire beauties, and someone of them are professionally mountaineers, for them this is heart's desire to overmaster a new peak. That is why the second basic direction which is most visited by tourists in Georgia is mountain tourism. The hundreds and thousands of people from whole world arrive here in search of walks in mountain places.

The third type of rest is mountain pattens in autumn, winter and  spring period. A few modern mountain-ski resorts are ready to meet friends. You should visit Mestia and Gudauri, a new resort is similarly built in the area of Borzhomi and Batumi.

A fourth type of a rest is medical water sources, sanatoriums and resorts in Borzhomi, other places, where simply arrive for walks and mineral water. 

A fifth type of a rest is a trip on old historical places, churches and buildings which was built in the Middle ages, and the remarkable mountain landscape create the great color of these sights.

A sixth type of a rest is a delicious meal, wine, friendly people.  

Visit Georgia 365 days in a year. And if you want, we offer the rental car service in Georgia. You can order any parameters you need straight on our website. We will be glad to answer on any your question.

Best regards. RACE rent a car.

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