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Own car vs rented

March 2019 (Updated: March 2023)

The state of roads in Ukraine has never been of high quality, and if earlier we hoped for a major overhaul of major road junctions, with the advent of war in our country, the situation has only become more complicated. Some roads are broken or destroyed altogether after the shelling of the aggressor country. Although it is worth admitting that in regional centers the repairs are quick, and you can drive through the city without any problems. As for intercity travel, if you decide to take a trip to Ukraine, be prepared not only for uneven asphalt and potholes, but also in some places for complete off-roading. Renovated fresh asphalt can be found only as a pleasant exception.


Always before a trip, and just before a long-distance trip, an experienced driver looks at the route, often assesses the road and its condition to calculate the time. Google Maps can help with road repairs, but unfortunately you can not always know in advance about the terrible road surface on your way. We are sure that Ukrainian roads are not an obstacle for a true traveler to explore the country, so before the trip just check the condition of your tires and if possible, make a vehicle maintenance. And if you're afraid of damaging your car, there is another option – rent a car.

Road conditions - picture


It's hard to see how a leased car can be better than your own, but let's analyze in detail. We sometimes are so attached to the vehicle that we forget about its main functions and begin to "feel pity" for it. For example, not every driver is ready to drive his own car on bad roads across the country. It is easier to rent a solid car and drive it without sparing rubber and suspension.

In addition, not every car will be suitable or most comfortable for different types of travel. For example, if you have a convertible or low-clearance sports car, travel between regions will be very difficult, and in some American Chrysler or Chevrolet for fuel for the trip will have to pay a lot of money.

Another case, low-capacity compact cars can be very uncomfortable for long trips, and sometimes can't accommodate all the passengers. To avoid leaving someone without a vacation, you can hire a larger car that will fit both the passengers and all the luggage.

And another popular scenario where a leased car is better than your own: when you decide to travel to another country in your own car or take a hire car on the spot. Registration of documents for a car to cross the border, paperwork and frequent bureaucracy at the border can discourage you from traveling. To avoid this happening, it is better to arrive and reserve a comfortable car on the spot. Moreover, in Ukraine car hire has become such a popular service that there is no problem with the choice of transport and its variety.

In any case, whatever transport you choose, we wish you a pleasant trip and unforgettable impressions!

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