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Rent a car - video review

In order to your convenience and to ensure that there were no further questions, we begin to create and upload video reviews of cars on our site, so you can see and hear the car rental conditions, which will be shown on the video.
All videos will be available on our website, as well as on our channel on YouTube. You can not just look at the review, and subscribe to our channel and watch regular reviews of car rentals, as well as the fact that we have changed, closer acquainted with us.
We do not review only with respect to our car, the car rental terms, but also about the simple things that you can just come in handy when the vehicle is operating, interesting places and is where the call is that it is worth a visit and whether it is worth to take a car to rent.
Our video reviews will address a variety of cities and countries, there will be Ukraine and Georgia, various cities: Simferopol, the Dnieper, Kiev, Tbilisi and Batumi, and much, much more.
If you have any questions – do no hesitate to ask them, we could sanctify them on our website, including via video.

Where to watch video reviews.

You can watch the video on the final page of the car, that is, where it describes the characteristics and there is a description of the vehicle. There we make a video through which you can inspect the car, to see the condition of the car, look at the basic features of the car, which is: how to open the gas tank flap is open the trunk, how to use the gear box of the vehicle and select the desired gear.
Just video reviews available in the rental conditions, the fleet - here we talk about car hire, we tell about the peculiarities of driving in various countries, as well as the conditions of the contract of hire.
A couple of links to video reviews on our site.

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