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We use cruise control while driving

February 2019

In most modern cars, which are not infringed on the package, there is a function of cruise control. Cruise control is a small autopilot in your car that facilitates long distance trips and helps in traffic on the track or in an urban area where there is no need for constant dialing or speed reset.

What is cruise control

This is a function of the car, which allows you to keep the set speed regardless of road conditions: to the mountain, from the mountain, smooth road - the speed of the car will be the same

Why do we use cruise control

Use on the track or in a city where there are no obstacles, but it is necessary to keep the same speed.

What is the use of the cruise

  1. Facilitates your drive, you do not use the accelerator pedal
  2. There is no need keep the same speed, this makes the car
  3. Fuel economy, because engine speed is uniform, which is very difficult to achieve a person

How to use

  1. Turn cruise control “on”, if you want to turn it off, there's an “Off” button. These functions simply allow us to use or not to use this function in the car. Turning on a cruise does not mean that you will immediately use it, it can be switched on continuously but not activated.
  2. Reset the parameters, via the “Cancel” button - if you want to reset the cruise control memory
  3. “Set/-“ button, is intended to set the preset speed for memorization. Suppose you set the speed at 100 km/h and want to move with it, then press "Set" and remove the foot from the accelerator pedal - the speed is constantly holding. Also, this button has the value "-", that is, you can reduce the speed of the car by manually pressing the button, while the car will keep the new lowered speed.
  4. “Res/+” button, designed to return the car to the specified speed. Suppose you drove at a given speed, but you had to brake and you used the brake pedal, after overcoming the obstacle you would like to return to the previously set speed, you do not have to re-dial it and remember, just press "Res/+" and the car will return to the speed previously set. This button has a value of "+", that is, you can use it to increase the speed without resorting to the accelerator pedal.
  5. The brake pedal is used to abruptly reset the speed and bypass, cruise control immediately turns off.

Cruise control does not work

This function does not work if the vehicle speed is less than 40 km/h, the manufacturers consider that this is unsafe and there is no need.

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