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Mysterious Places in Ukraine

The List of Five Unordinary Places in Ukraine

Everybody got used to the fact that travelling is always happy, everything plays with bright colors, there are fabulous castles around you, lots of unordinary cafes and restaurants. However, not all the trips are held in such a way. There are mysteries in nature, which the human being cannot figure out yet. In this article, we will touch upon such mysterious places.

Soledar Lake

It is located in the city of the same name. The temperature on the surface of water is not higher than 25 degrees Celsius. However, when divers try to reach the lakebed they say that the deeper they descend, the higher is the temperature. On the depth of the lake, it can reach 40 degrees, and if you go even deeper, the water becomes like a “liquid glass”. The divers do not dare to go deeper. That is why, what you can feel on the lakebed is still unknown.

The Apple-Tree-Colony

There is an apple-tree in Sumska region, which has reached 200 years old. It takes the s quare of 10 ares. It would be interesting to look at mother trunk but it is impossible because it no longer exists. The apple tree growth as a bush. Its unique skill lies in the fact that it can grow roots from its barks on its own. So, one of the trunks has dies? No problems, you just need to decline the barks to the ground and start growing the roots from them. This apple-tree has become an object of natural-reserved fund of Ukraine far long ago. Other examples of this apple-tree sort in Ukraine have not been found.

Optimistic Cave

The biggest cave in Eurasia is located in Ternopil region. It was named “Optimistic” cave because the scientists did not believe its discoverers when they told the subjective sizes of the cave and considered them being optimists. Nowadays were discovered 240 kilometers of passages of the cave and its investigation has not even reached the end. And the cave formation are of a great scientific value. Their examples have been collected and sent to the laboratory for further research.

Mavrynska Square

Mavrynska square that is located in Dnipro region from the bird`s eye view looks like a spider. This is a complex of earthen walls that has the right relief form. On vernal equinox day the sun goes down just on the center of one of its hollows. Almost the same as in Stonehenge. A coincidence? It is highly unlikely. At least the researchers do not believe this: they say that Mavrynska square is an old observatory. However, there is no evidence to this. The square has not been investigated to the end and we cannot say for sure with which aim it has been created.


This is a drowned city in Khmelnytska region. It is mentioned for the first time in the written chronicles that date back to 1024 year. And the city and its history reached its end in 1981 when Novodnistrovska Hydroelectric Power Station was built. The people that lived in the city were moved away and located in nearby cities. And Bakota city was fully drowned. Existing a little bit less than a millennium, the city was wiped off the map.

Kryk Theater of Mykhailo Melnyk
Kryk one-man theater that was founded by Mykhailo Melnyk and where he is the main actor, is one of the best places for a visit in Dnipro
Askania-Nova Biospheric reserve
Akania-Nova – a unique biospheric reserve, the only one in Ukraine, which plains have never been touched by a man

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