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How can I make a reservation online?

November 2016

call rent contactThis article tells us about how the customers can order a car through website.  Residents of most countries today are accustomed to order goods and services over the internet. In the majority of services for ordering any service required only to make a number of simple actions with a functional website. The sphere of rental cars, no exception to the general trend.

We have tried to realize every opportunity to communicate with the operator and order car rental. First of all it is cell phones number. If you want to rent a car in Ukraine, it is necessary to take an advantage of our Ukrainian number, (+380) 67-644-6-555. It is understood that the call will be profitable, unless you are on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, this method may not be suitable for you. By the way, Georgian office is also ready to receive calls, so use a Georgian number (+995) 514-577-555, to rent a car in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and other cities.

The voice is not usually occupies most of bandwidth in comparison to Internet traffic, it is much more expensive. Therefore, there is always a reason to use the communication via the Internet in order to make a voice call, and take a car for rent. A lot of special programs are for your help, such as Viber and Wats App., These applications have become very popular with its capabilities and ease of use and has almost every mobile device that supports it. To contact us by Viber, simply enter our number and add to contacts. Then make a "free call" or send "Free message". The same principle works in the application Watts Up.

In fact, to rent a car, not necessarily immediately attempt to communicate with the operator. You can use the order form and make all pre-order information. To go there and you can, by clicking on the "Express order" button from any page of the site. To take advantage of this convenient way, first choose your preferred car from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the form. Cars are divided into classes, so it is more convenient to use the navigation on the class car in the left corner of the form. Note that when you switch classes, you can immediately see a list of available cars in the classroom with pictures and the specified minimum price.

When you decided with the car, you should choose a form of calculation and other data, such as a place to get a car, a place of return, rental time and contact details. Contact details should be entered correctly, as this will facilitate the long-distance operators with you. Additional options and services can be edited in the order details section at the bottom of the site. After submitting the form, you will also receive a letter with detailed detailing to the specified e-mail. After sending the order also includes the ability to print and send a copy if you want to share this information with anyone else. After the form is submitted, the order immediately enters the processing operator and it will in the near future the telephone number listed in your contact information.

In addition to these features there are also online chat window. Chat is hidden at the bottom of the browser window. You can communicate in real time with the operator and ask him any questions on rental cars. Just expand the chat window and start typing.

To find out more information, you can visit the contact section. Follow the link to find out contacts rental cars in in Ukraine, the Crimea and Georgia It contains basic information offices in different countries. Please note that the order for car rental is available also via Skype. It is listed in the contact section.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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