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Sent-Miklosh Castle: from the Middle Ages to Nowadays

Sent-Miklosh castle is located in Chynadiyeve (Transcarpathia region). Its name can be translate as “Saint Nicholas”. This two-story building was built in the 14th century at the order of Baron Imre Pereni as a feudal fortification. The first mentioning of the castle dates back to 1450.

The Castle Structure

Usually the main Northern gates of the castle are closed. However, there is one more way to enter the building, more popular one – the Southern gates are open for tourists and everybody who wants to have a tour to the castle.

The castle is divided into two stories. On the first floor you will find an exposition of the Scythian and Celtic culture. The second floor is just the same as the first one – a big hall, a corridor and six rooms. The only difference is that the second floor has not been renovated yet and you can see it as it is. Of course as any Meddival castle, Sent-Miklosh has double walls and secret passages right behind them.

Nowadays state

Nowadays Sent-Miklosh castle is a public property and a famous monument of the Medieval architecture that was renovated by an artist Iosiph Bartosh.

There are a tourist information center in the castle where you can find all the necessary information to the tourist to make their trips in Transcarpathia.

The working when you can have a tour to the castle are on a daily basis.

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