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Car rental conditions

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The demands for getting a car:

  • 1. Passport
  • 2. Driving license with category “B”
  • 3. Age – no less than 21 years
  • 4. Driving experience – no less than 2 years

Payment. The form of payment for car rental

The cost of car rental depends on car class and the term of the car rental. The longer you take a car, the cheaper is car rental cost.
Car rental payment is made when you get a car and in a full sum. It is possible to book a car with a partial prepayment or on a full-paid basis on our website.
If you rent a car on a long-term basis (more than 30 days), the payment is done on a monthly basis. We accept cash, credit cards, cashless payment.
We accept the payment only in the national currency of the country where you get a car.
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You can book a car in any convenient for you way:

  • 1. With the help of the website
  • 2. By the phone call
  • 3. Viber, telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram
  • 4. By visiting our office

The priority has the paid booking (the sum of the prepayment is counted in the total sum of the order).

When you book a car and make a prepayment, you will be send an electronic voucher that is a guarantee of your booking. We put the booking via class and car`s gearbox.

We will be glad to accommodate your wish about receiving the definite car. In case if there is no car due to some technical reasons, we will provide you with the similar car in class or provide you with the car of a higher class without any extra charges.

Booking cancelation, prepayment return

You can cancel any booking without the loss of the prepayment at any moment but for no less than 72 hours before the start of the car rental.

We will not return the prepayment for the booking in the following cases:

  • 1. The booking is canceled for less than 72 hours before the start of the rental
  • 2. The booking is made with the special price or offer and conditions of these offers suppose special conditions of booking cancelation.

The return of the sum of the prepayment is made:

  • 1. Minus banks commissions for the transactions
  • 2. The loss of rate exchanges are not compensated,
  • 3. There is no percent and other payments for the time of your money being on our bank account.

Car rental term

Car rental term is started to count from the moment of receiving a car, daily. If you need to use a car for several hours – the payment is charged for the whole day. If we do not have an order on this car, you early told us about your delay or car rental extension, we will be glad to do you a service and take the payment not for the whole day.

Car washing

The car washing cost is included into the cost of car rental (it is valid on condition that you take a car for a rent for 4 days and more).If the car is very dirty, we can ask for the car washing or car cleaner’s payment.


The cars are fueled with a definite amount of fuel. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel. We offer you to choose the type of fuel and the fuel station on your own. Return the car with the same amount of fuel that you got. The extra fuel is not compensated by the company, if there is less amount of fuel, it is paid additionally according to the tariff of the fuel station without any fines.

If you want, our staff can recommend you the fuel stations, fuel the full tank at the moment when you receive a car.

Receiving and retuning the car at non-working hours, on weekdays

We can serve you at non-working hours or on the weekends, holidays, for this option will be charged an extra fee.
The working hours are from 8 am till 7 pm from Monday to Friday – there is no extra charges if these days are not holidays.
Depending on the time of the day and which day of the week it is, you need to pay extra 5-20 dollars for the service of non-working hours. The calculator on the website (the order form) counts the cost of these services automatically.


For Ukraine

The mileage is 250 km/day that included. It is counted in total for the whole car rental term. In the monthly tariffs the mileage is 4500 km/month or 150 km/day.
The cost of rerun is paid extra (from 3 UAH/km). You can order unlimited mileage for an extra cost (from 3 USD a day).

For Georgia

We offer unlimited mileage for the car rental from 4 days and more. The mileage is limited if you rent a car for less than 4 days – 250 km/day. The biggest spread of the whole Georgia is 420 km.))


Parking is paid separately in every city where there is parking service. The lessee is obliged to pay the fines for the parking if the fine is set for negotiating the parking rules.

Receiving and returning the car in different cities

You can take a car in one city and return in another. The service will be for free if we need to transfer the car to another city. In other cases, the tariff “one way” will be involved (the payment for returning the car in another city).

For Ukraine

The cost of the service depends on the car class and the cities. The cost is from 20 to 200 USD a service.

For Georgia

The cost of the service depends on the car class and the city of receiving / returning the car and it costs 40 - 100 USD.

Additional service FOR FREE

We provide almost FOR FREE additional services (1 dollar for the whole period of car rental, but for no more than 15 days):

  • 1. The second driver in the car – one additional driver for free
  • 2. Child booster (one item) – we care for your children`s safety
  • 3. GPS-tracker – one item, if we have one in the office
  • 4. Local sim card of the mobile operator – unlimited quantity

Airport, railway station – car delivery FOR FREE

We will deliver the car to the airport or the railway station for free. You will have to pay additional fee for some locations. If some part of payment is charged, the mentioned sum will be calculated at the time you are ordering the car.

Additional fee is charged for receiving or returning the car at the airports of Kyiv, Boryspil, Zaporizhzhia, Kutaisi.


The prepayment may be an obligatory one or mentioned by a booking team as an obligatory for you to make a payment.

The prepayment is obligatory in the following cases:

  • 1. Car delivery at the address, airport, railway station
  • 2. Car delivery to another city
  • 3. Orders that must be serviced at non-working hours or on weekends
  • 4. Car receiving in Kutaisi city


You have to leave a deposit for the car while receiving the car if it is set at a tariff you choose before.

The deposit may be left:
  • 1. In cash
  • 2. Blocked on the credit card

Why do we take the deposit?

  • 1. The return of the full fuel tank, car keys and documents
  • 2. Deductible sum – the insurance does not cover it
  • 3. The guarantee that you fulfill your commitments.


Do you want a car rental with all-inclusive cover? Then choose “WITHOUT DEPOSIT” option on the second stage of making an order on our website while ordering a car.

Deposit Return

When you rent a car with a deposit, the deposit will be returned when you drop off the car. If there are some fines during the time you use the car – you have to pay them. If you pay the deposit with the credit card, we will unblock the deposit after you return the car on the first bank day (the bank working day). The money will be returned on your credit card by the bank, during 7-14 days. We give you the bill of unblocking the deposit and the car drop off act.


Every car is insured:

  • 1. CDW – the insurance from all the cases that may occur: fire, highjacking, accident, scratches, damages
  • 2. TPL – the responsibility before third parties – if you made a damage to somebody, it will be paid by our insurance

The amount of your responsibility is limited by the sum of the deductible (deposit). In case you use car rental with the deposit, if road-traffic accident occurs, you tell about it us and the police, you will lose full or partial sum of the deposit. In order to get full insurance cover, use “without deposit” option while ordering a car.

What to do in case of an accident?

If the insured event occurred:

1. Do not leave the place of an accident

2. Call us on the hot line (the phone numbers are in the contract)

3. Wait for the police coming

4. Sign all the papers with the police

5. Have an alcohol test – the police will offer you with the help of a dredger.

6. Send us the photos of the documents signed with the police

What the client loses in an accident

If the road-traffic accident occurred and you signed the contract of the car rental with the deposit, you may lose the deposit, if the sum of the damage is higher than the sum of your deposit. You can order an additional insurance without the deposit in order not to lose it.

For Georgia:

Also you have to pay the fine to the police if you are guilty in the accident – approximately 250 GEL.

When the insurance does not work

The insurance company pays nothing and the client responsibility is 100% in the following cases:

  • 1. The loss of keys, car documents, number plates
  • 2. The car is driven by the people that are not included into the contract
  • 3. Driving away or fleeing from the place of an accident
  • 4. Committing a crime on the car
  • 5. Alcohol or drug intoxication while having a road-traffic accident
  • 6. Crossing two uninterrupted lines of road marking, the red light of the traffic red light or semaphore on the railway crossroad
  • 7. Cutting or tire blowout – the cost of two similar wheels on the ax is charged

The territory of using the car

The car can be used on the whole territory of Ukraine or Georgia, except for the places prohibited to visit.

The places prohibited to visit in Ukraine

The driving is prohibited:

1. Autonomous Republic of Crimea 2. Lugansk and Donetsk regions 3. Crossing the governmental or administrative border of Ukraine.

The places prohibited to visit in Georgia

We do not recommend you to drive to these places, as it may be dangerous not only to the car, but also to your life. You would not drive on your own car to these places. These places are:

  • 1. The length of the road Batumi-Akhaltsikhe, namely the part of the road after Keda to Adygene – bad road, only the SUVs, after the passage – ways repair is provided.
  • 2. Road Upper Omalo in Tusheti – there you can drive only in the summer, not in rainy months, and use the SUVs.
  • 3. The road to Ushguli through Kutaisi – in Uzhguli you need to go through Poti, it is a normal asphalt road there. There is no road through Kutaisi.
  • 4. The road to Mestia further cable car – just head to the hiking here or order a special shuttle service by car with very high clearance.
  • 5. The occupied territory of Abkhazia, South Ossetia

Crossing the border of Georgia is possible only under condition of registration of documents for traveling abroad and execution of additional insurance.

Violation of road traffic movement rules Georgia

There are a lot of cameras in Georgia and 90% of accidents are fixed on the video that is why when you return the car or sometime later, do not be surprised if you get a fine. Video cameras are on highways, crossings and fix even line crossing at the light or prohibited stop. There is a fine in Georgia for unbuckled seat belt, talking on the phone behind the wheel, throwing the litter from the car window right on the road. Even if you are a foreigner, you will not get away with it, the police is rather strict. The police is absolutely humane and even can let you go without a fine, but do not try to lie – you will get a double punishment. You may not even leave the country if you have confirmed and unpaid fines.

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