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TM Rent A Car Enterprise - offers long-term rental/leasing cars. Leasing - This is English. word for rent, it became part of our turnover is about the next 10 years. Unfortunately most people do not understand the meaning of the word correctly and determines leasing as a gradual repayment vehicle identifying it with the credit. What is leasing? What is it?

Leasing - is primarily rent and nothing else, with the difference that in the leasing of our state were added to the western example packages, so we turned the leasing of a simple translation of the English word for rent in something separate. All this can be understood by allocating leases species.

Leasing can be devided 2 main types:

  1. Financial - involves arena vehicle when amortized generally up to 90% of its value at the same time at the end of the lease (leasing) of the leased asset (the car) becomes the property of the lessee (tenant) the residual value.
  2. Operative - involves the arena when the car is usually amortized to 60% of its value at the same time at the end of the lease (leasing) of the leased asset (the car) remains the property of the lessor (landlord)

What is different from the lease rent - nothing but a package of options to be added to it, such as:

  1. includes all payments:
    1. lease itselfb. interest ratec.
    2. THAT on the value of all the rental periodd.
    3. tires for the seasone.
    4. insurance cover
    5. taxes and feesg
    6. replacement vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown
  2. in finance lease - the transfer of ownership on the residual value.To date, a car rental includes all the same, except for the transfer of ownership:
    1. lease itselfb
    2. THAT on the value of all the rental periodc
    3. tires for the seasond
    4. insurance cover
    5. taxes and fees
    6. replacement vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Do not think that leasing is happiness, and that it came free cheese. Leasing is always more expensive than credit, because apart from the car and interest as opposed to leasing include credit insurance, maintenance, taxes, fees, naturally their consumer pays, not the lessor. Therefore, when calculating get basically the same except for the fact that the loan you insure cars, doing maintenance, buy tires themselves, but in leasing - is included (as a rule). In practice have met with leasing, which did not include anything other than rent and a possible change of ownership, that is, practices in violation of all that is written above eliminated thus reducing the cost of monthly payment. Another stumbling leasing is, that the down payment is usually between 20% of the car, and the next 80% in view of + all payments calculated on the lease term. Moreover, if you want to stop leasing is not important at any stage, a month or a year - your down payment is lost. In financial leasing can get the car only to legal entities that operate in the market for at least three years, have positive dynamics and turnover on the accounts of at least 50 million UAH per year.

In operating leases as a rental car is available to any person or entity.We offer our products, getting online car leasing / rental, using all the charms of the service, as follows:

  1. pay only one monthly payment, which is already included:
    1. car
    2. insurance
    3. THAT on the value of all the rental period
    4. tires for the seasone. taxes and fees
    5. replacement vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown
  2. all payments fall on company expenses, and accounts do not need to make additional deductions for amortization ........
  3. there is no need to control the costs of the staff car - all included in the single payment
  4. no need to create parks, hiring technicians, mechanicsLooking forward to mutual cooperation

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