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Car rental in Lutsk

Race company offers you to take a car for a rent in Lutsk. Why will you make a choice in favor of this type of movement?

3 reasons to rent a car:

  1. You will get much more mobility.
  2. You will get the special conditions that you deserve.
  3. You will not spend all your savings on the trip.
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A myth

“Car rental is expensive”. It depends from what side to look at it. In some companies, the prices on such services are beyond the bounds of possibility. There are some people for whom the car rental in public transport that costs 7 hryvnias is too expensive. So, maybe it is time to travel on foot?

However, the car rental at Race does not cost much for you. We dispel the abovementioned myth and offer you not just the reasonable prices on our service, but also:

  1. Special offer – a 10% discount for those who pay the whole cost for a car rental online.
  2. The early booking service. You are not limited in the time. Order whenever you like. We will take you order and put the car into the booking. And nobody will forget that you have booked a car. We remember about all our clients and all our orders.
  3. Any class of car for a rent – we have everything that you are going to like – from economy class to SUVs. Do you need a car for business trips? Choose a car from business class. Do you want to feel the maximum comfort in your trips and all the benefits of car rental service? The cars from a comfort class will solve your problem.
  4. Additional services on a car rental – navigators, child boosters and even unlimited mileage.
  5. You do not want to leave a deposit? Choose an additional service of car rental without deposit. Then the day of a rent will cost you a little bit more money but you will get zero responsibility in the road-traffic accident. It means that the insurance company will pay for everything.
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Places of interest in Lutsk

If you are going in the city with a tourism aim in order to see all the places of interest in Lutsk, then we offer you to choose below-mentioned sightseeings:

  1. The museum of Volhynian icon – all the fans of sacral art will love it. Here are no less than 600 items – crosses, icons, church books – everything of this you can find in this museum.
  2. The drug store museum – for all the medical men and not only for them, the museum offers with the technologies of making drugs in the 19th century. Nowadays, the drug store is still working and offers to buy modern drugs.
  3. The book museum – the most ancient book – evangelistery (was created in 1644) is kept in the museum. The exposition consists of not only the books about religion.
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Take a car for a rent and travel in Lutsk with comfort!

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