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The Legend about the House with Chimaeras

There are some dark legends about the House with Chimaeras in Kyiv. However, many locals and tourists are trying to visit it in order to see with their own eyes this building.

The Name

Gorodetsky House or more common name – the House with Chimaeras is located not far from the Administration of the President of Ukraine in Kyiv city. It is called in honor of its creator – the Architect Vladyslav Gorodetsky. It is also called the House with Chimaeras due to a lot of sculptures of fairy-tale characters and common animals placed as inside, so outside of the building.

The Curse of Gorodetsky

According to a legend, the house was curse by Gorodetsky himself. He laid on it high hopes. For example, just the building of the house would pay for itself in 18 years after the building was finished. However, it didn`t pay for itself, Gorodetsky was frustrated and cursed the house: only his relatives will leave in peace in this house – nobody else will not be happy living there. Everybody believes in the legend, as no matter who lives there – they had misfortunes.

Nowadays state

The House with Chimaeras was renovated last time in 2003. The workers took as a basis the drawing and schemes of Gorodetsky in order that the house would stay authentic. That is why it differs a lot from the neighborhood buildings.

Nowadays, the House with Chimaeras is considered the cultural object of the country. You can visit it only on Saturdays and only by prior registration.

The Legend about the House with Chimaeras
Dark stories and legends about the House with Chimaeras and other interesting details about this building you will find out from this article
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