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New rules for obtaining individual numbers in Ukraine

April 2022

Have you long dreamed of an individual sign and were about to get it? Be alert, because the rules for ordering and issuing individual numbers are about to change radically.

Due to the corresponding order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 1058 of December 26, 2018 “On Approval of the Ordering, Issuing and Accounting of Vehicle License Plates for Custom Made by their Owners”, discriminatory signs on the grounds of social and property status, gender, education, are now prohibited, as well as place of residence. This order will take effect as soon as it will be officially published.

A lot of things are prohibited? Wait, that's not all! On the individual plates, it is now impossible to have graphic elements similar to letters or numbers, as well as to simultaneously use letters of the Ukrainian and Latin alphabet. Also, it is now forbidden to depict logos, symbols and abbreviations of legal entities, as well as abbreviated names of institutions and enterprises on the individual plates.

mercedes e200

The only thing that remains the same is that you can place an order for an individual number on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or in its service centers.

How is the procedure for ordering and receiving individual numbers is going on and what do you need for this?

  • To place an order online, you will need an electronic signature to complete the identification procedure;
  • Indicate the region in which your vehicle is registered;
  • Specify the desired inscription;
  • Pass the automatic check to determine whether the inscription is free or not;
  • (If the inscription is free) get an application form;
  • A specially hired person will check all your data that goes to the main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs after receiving the application;
  • The following is the development of the layout for your individual plate;
  • Approve (or not) the layout using your electronic signature;
  • Pay for a set of license plates (you can transfer funds using electronic payment systems).

How much does this pleasure cost?

  • The number of three characters - from 1800 hryvnias. For each subsequent character, you must pay from 300 hryvnias;
  • Graphic drawing - from 1300 hryvnias;
  • Terms of manufacturing an individual license plate - 14-30 days. For the acceleration of the procedure you must pay 2000 hryvnias.
a pack of 200 hryvnia bills

Do you think that it`s all over? Unfortunately you are not right! After you receive your long-awaited individual plate, you will need to re-register within the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within ten days.

After going through this whole procedure, you will become a happy owner of an individual number.

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