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Cars with modern features

January 2015 (Updated: April 2023)

RACE car fleet contains only from new cars. Renting vehicles you still get a lot of additional useful features that are often lacking in cars of past decades. The good news is that even the standard configuration cars have something to please you, for example, heated seats or power windows. If you rent a car in winter, when the day is shorter than usual, or if you often drive in the evening, you'll be happy with the modern “Follow Me Home” feature that we have in our cars. The feature can walk you to your way or establishment with a headlight so you don't have to make your way around in the dark.

How does it work?

Activation of the function is usually simple and involves a few clicks, depending on the car model. More details you can ask our manager when you receive the vehicle. After you have turned off the engine, activated the function and removed the key from the ignition, the car will continue to shine the dipped beam for a while, showing you the way in the dark. This is not only convenient in the dark, but also safe, as you can look around and notice all the obstacles, puddles and holes underfoot. The car will put out the headlights itself, depending on the model and make of car time can vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes of road lighting.

If you do not need to light the road or you are parked during the day, just close the car without using the function, and the car will close as usual without prolonged illumination.

Pros and cons

We've listed almost all the advantages of the feature: it's an illuminated road to the house, a safe passage at night, the ability to get around potholes and mud, and plus one nice perk in the car.

Despite the obvious pros, there are still small minuses, for example, the light time can not be adjusted: sometimes it may not be enough to get to the entrance or the building, and sometimes too much, and going indoors thought "what if the light does not turn off?". One more not a minus, but a peculiarity is that the car can not always be parked so that it lights the way you want.

In other words, you can pick on everything, but it is always nice when the car has such useful features.

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