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on CASCO insurance prices go up

October 2011

 Prices for CASCO contracts will go up. In connection with the abolition of inspection powers of attorney and have every reason to increase the cost of hull insurance services to insurance companies. The reason is simple - most of the types of contracts for the citizens was limited to certain reservations - driving the admissibility of a certain number of people or any person lawfully. Also there was a ban on the transfer of its vehicles for use in taxis and many did it secretly. In connection with changes in legislation and the lack of need for a power of attorney - any person at the wheel that has a technical passport - is a legitimate driver, ie, only now we have a right to limit the number of people in the treaties hull or loss insurance is not far off, so rates may increase. The only question is that the market will react even greater reduction in the number of policyholders.

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