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How to transfer a car without a warrant

October 2011

How to pass the car in control if lack of power of attorney. Now there is no unequivocal answer. It should of course apply to the source, but in the Law of Ukraine № 3565 states that the amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences and now the traffic police have to show only a drivers license, technical passport of the car and liability insurance policy tool, nothing more from this document is not visible, what about the owners of cars. Used to say that the traffic police will come up with a new trick, and drive a car without a power of attorney can only those springs in the GAI database as the driver, ie, the vehicle owner must go to the traffic police, and say, I want my car ran - so and so, but here immediately question - cops cars are not equipped with computers and databases, in addition it is a legal absurdity is the same as trying to teach all three years earlier in temporary registration certificate and recognize the power of attorney is not valid. So check on the road is possible, but only in emergency cases - will not be the same every car checked by dialing in the head management of the traffic police and not correct it, then by proxy easier ride. Anyway, in 3565 the Law no innovation there, all such attempts cops will simply outlawed.


By the way you can ride without a power of attorney from 13.08.2011 years - so its safe to go. It was August 13, 2008 will come into effect the law allows to drive without a warrant and without inspection.


Freedom gentlemen, freedom!

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