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New bridge across the Dnipro River in Zaporizhzhia — what will it be?

October 2015 (Updated: March 2023)

The opening of the cable-stayed bridge between Khortytsia island and the left bank of Zaporizhzhya in 2022 has become the expected event not only for the citizens of Zaporizhzhya, but also for the drivers in neighboring regions. After all, now there is a full-fledged bridge crossing between the two banks of the Dnipro River, which greatly relieves traffic and reduces the number of traffic jams on the "Dam". Previously, even a minor accident at the crossing over the dam could completely paralyze traffic and make the communication between the two banks of the Dnipro a boring drag of cars.

Today, the bridge, which is part of an important highway under construction since 2004, helps to relieve traffic and move freely between the two banks of the city, for which all drivers are very grateful.

Second name

It is interesting, that this bridge is also called the bridge of Unity, because the opening of its second part, which allowed to connect both banks, was held on the Day of Unity, with the participation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The bridge of Unity joins both banks of the Dnipro – it is very symbolic.

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