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Passage of inspection

November 2011

In connection with the adoption of amendments to existing legislation as early as mid-August 2011 came into effect changes in this connection will disappear need to pass inspection vehicle. Many motorists are seriously concerned about the possibility of provocations on the part of the SAI. After all, as many claim, and now traffic police will be able to check the technical condition of the cars on the road, and used to say that such equipment is already purchased at full speed. RACE is not found in the primary source of direct indication of the possibility of such behavior and the right to inspect the technical condition of the car, no one has canceled, it was just not used. We think that it is not premature to worry - it is not true. To date, the technical condition of actually checked, but only in the case of a traffic accident, and then not always, if serious consequences - always will check the condition of the car. rubber. Just so stop cars and check the condition almost impossible. Imagine a situation when there is a traffic police patrol of 2 or 3 people and stops the cars - how much time is needed to check the one person with the car - it seems very, very much. Firstly it is necessary to deliver the car to check the place, and secondly to attract professionals, third in case of disagreement - witnesses. Fourth - draw up a statement or report - just about 4 hours of the minimum of fuss, and this is with the full consent of the driver. But we must remember that we are human beings and citizens, and hence on any such basis some inspector decided on your eagle eyes that we are not okay with the car something - here already there is reason to and inspector prosecute wrongful arrest you and the car, oh smells criminal cases - so do not be afraid - go ahead you are citizens, and it sounds good, of course do not forget about the condition of the car, it should always be perfect not because of the traffic cops, and due to the fact that not harm to themselves and others.

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