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Is it worth leasing a car?

March 2012

If you are offered a car leasing the car in a hurry do not evaluate only the Vehicle and at the lowest price. The low price is not always a bad thing, but it can hide behind an indefinite multitude. And so, in the classic version lease must include the following parameters:
1. a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown
2. CDW and TPL complete during leasing period
3. Tehnical inspection value for all the leasing period
4. The tires according to the season in the leasing period.
5. all taxes and fees

In practice, the agreement started dating when offering part-leasing, ie of the contract were excluded various items, such as no insurance or not, or do not include a replacement vehicle in case of accident. Thus the price is cheap at first glance can be very cheap and not in the future. In order to compare the pros and cons simply having figures to take the calculator and calculate everything carefully. Be careful to read an agreement for, look for money package.
If you find it hard to decide on leasing - try to operational leasing in the RACE (car hire) - the price includes all services.

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