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New changes in the traffic rules of Ukraine — DRL, lawn

July 2013

The corresponding decree stipulates that from October 1 to may 1 all motor vehicles outside the settlements should be included daytime running lights, and in their absence – dipped beam.
In addition, the document suggests a hierarchy of road signs before the road markings.
However, the last edition of the resolution of a norm prohibiting the driver of the car to be on the roadway during a forced stay in the dark and in conditions of poor visibility without a reflective jacket.
In addition, the resolution introduces the concept of "lawn" (land homogeneous areas with sod covering, which is artificially created by planting and growing herbs demoadmin), as well as the rule prohibiting the stopping or Parking of vehicles on lawns.
The purpose of the document is to increase road safety by strengthening requirements for the use of technical means of traffic control, the introduction of European models of road signs.
The changes will take effect from 15 April and apply to all drivers of vehicles sredst, including customers of car rental.

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