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New signs on the roads of Ukraine

March 2013

Traffic-2013: new road signs (14 photos)

With April 15 comes into force a new edition of the rules of the road adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers in early February.

The new Rules imposed additional road signs and markings, which has been enriched with lines of gray and orange colors. Permanent traffic signs now have the advantage over the layout if they contradict each other.

Among the new terms that are now prescribed in the SDA, emerged the concept of "lawn", the maneuver change the definition of night time. So, on lawn is now forbidden to Park, manoeuvre is the beginning of the movement, rebuilding the vehicle from one lane to another, turn right or left, reverse, exit to the curb, reversing, and other "ordinary" actions of the driver. Time of day is divided into night and day from sunset to sunrise. Also all the vehicles traveling on the territory of Ukraine in the period from October 1 to may 1 must include the daytime running lights or dipped beam outside the settlements, regardless of the time of day.

New traffic rules introduced the following road signs:

1. The direction of movement.

Road sign the direction of movement picture

2. The road with improved surface.

Road sign the road with improved surface picture

3. The direction of traffic with dangerous goods.

Road sign the direction of traffic with dangerous goods picture

4. Tram, trolleybus, bus.

Road sign tram, trolleybus, bus picture

5. Area (end area) of dense development.

Road sign area (end area) of dense development picture

6. Airport.

Road sign airport picture

7. Railway station.

Road sign railway station picture

8. Bus

Road sign bus picture

9. Sign tourist orientation.

Road sign tourist orientation picture

10. Indoor Parking.

Road sign indoor parking picture

11. Parking where there is a transfer to public transport.

Road sign parking where there is a transfer to public transport picture

12. The scheme of change of movement.

Road sign the scheme of change of movement picture

13. The direction of detour.

Road sign the direction of detour picture

14. A danger, skiers.

Road sign a danger, skiers picture

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