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Scam with exchange rate

March 2012

Upon returning after a working visit from England (UK), but the actual car rental issues, I would like to stay at the "tricks", "pitfalls" in the UK.
Surprisingly, in any forum, our staff did not find any individual withdrawal in respect of the exchange rates in England and that in fact this issue can be due secrecy and abuse. About it simply does not write any visitor of England, then either all everywhere paid card, or simply did not pay any attention to it.
So, currency exchange in England, UK, is a real deception and fraud, erected in the law. We did not expect such a scam in the highly developed countries. This is not even in Asian countries and India, where as it might seem at first glance, they want to cheat just everywhere.
The interest in that, firstly cleverly written course, with absolutely all currency exchanges, formal (banks), semi-formal (in the shops). The course is written not so much as in the whole world, not as much as in Ukraine, Russia, India and Europe.

How exchangers actually work in the UK

We took with them the euro, the British pound is naturally more expensive, where it is necessary to pay 120-125 euros per 100 pounds. It would seem that there is nothing easier in obmenkah, in our logic to be written, how many pounds of produce for 1 or 100 euros. According to the above-mentioned exchange rate differences, as if written in obmenkah in Ukraine - something like buy 0.75 pounds, 0.88 pounds of the sale, ie, for 1 euro when depositing currency exchanger you will be given 75 pennies (cents), but if you want to change back, you have to pay 88 pence (cents) for 1 euro - everything is clear, right ???? All is good, but in London, for example, the currency exchange rate and write differently.
The inscription on the currency exchange in London, the euro will look like the purchase and sale of 1.21 1.31. By my logic, as well as yours, it turns out that for 1 euro you have to give 1.21 pound, ie, 1 pound 21 pence (pennies) - cool, it turns out there pound cheaper than elsewhere? No, it's a trick and gimmick. It says how much you have to give the euro for 1 pound, ie, Course written as if the inside out, you do not know where and what you are changing.

With this logic to navigate the London obmenkah better on where the course is written below, not above. Why? All by the same logic, if the exchange rate has been written in our 0.75-0.88 pounds for 1 euro, then it is clear, the higher rate you can find the better. Found 0,80-0,88 course - so it is better, as for 100 euros you will not 75, and already 80 pounds, that is, 5 pounds more. When writing English currency, it turns on the contrary, the lower (and not higher) rate, the better. It's better to be 1.21-1.31 and not 1,30-1,51. In the case of Russia and Ukraine, the first course is worse in London, on the contrary - the first is better. I explain in the first case, 100 pounds, you pay 121 euros in the second case, you will pay 130 euro for the same 100 pounds. Here is a reverse logic, the course is written on the contrary, not the currency you buy, and from their, British Currency.
So the lower the better.

It got to the ridiculous, to understand such a "kitchen", was worth just approach each window and ask how much you will give 100 euros. Still there is a trick that many obmenok, especially banking, take with you a commission that comes to 8%. 8% - this in a country where the loans given under 3%, and deposits taken by 1-2% - wow earnings ??? But do not worry too early, sometimes with a commission rate higher than without.
Interesting is the fact that obmenkah bank try to bargain with you and to offer, and how much will you give me the money, 100 euros or more, you will hand over the more, the higher the rate. But all this "divorce" - he will really give more money, but trust me, you just around the corner and for 50 euros more than he will offer is 500 euros.

The most favorable rate in London, obtained in obmenkah, which are in the souvenir shops. The highest rate we found on Piccadilly Street and Oxford Street - a shopping street. It gave 100 euros, a maximum of 86.50 pounds, despite the fact that they sell for 88 pounds. In principle, every shop rate of about 85 pounds.
But for example, in the bank, on Piccadilly Street, just one kilometer away from such exchangers us for 100 euros offered 62 pounds and with the absolute, insolent confidence in other banks provide 72 - 76 pounds for 100 euros. It would seem that you can imagine in Ukraine, Russia on earnings in the amount of 100 Euros 86 - 62 = 24 lbs = 290 USD. = $ 35. We wanted to live like that - bought for 62 pounds, 2 quarter has passed for 86 - a total of 24 pounds with a meager operation - a profit of 30% of the hundreds of dollars - could not be better !!!

Good luck and be careful with currency exchange and a car rental desk in London, everything is OK, if you need this service, order we.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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