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Age restrictions

June 2019

There is a category of clients who ask questions about age restrictions, for some reason, you can take a car on reaching 21 years or more. Why not take a car with a smaller age or a little driving experience?
Of course, it is impossible to put all under the "one size fits all", but security and a meaningful relationship to the values forced to create constraints, which unfortunately can not be produced selectively. It has long been understood that in some 13 years already commanded regiments and managed countries and their management looks pretty well, but the other, and to the age of 50 are children. How to determine the order of the commander, who is 18 years old wants to hire a car, but he refused. Unfortunately, in our modern world of generals it is very small, as in the song "little princes and all of them are missing." Nevertheless, if such a person wants to rent a car, it is likely to be refused due to the lack of age. Whatever it was, rules are rules and they should be respected by all, and if they do not comply, you get anarchy.
While appreciating all the requests of our customers and understand that amongst their number of generals enough, we still stayed on the strict observance of the rules. That is why we set to produce cars to rent at the age of 21 years and 2 years driving experience.

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