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Wrong searches in car rental

June 2019

Ordering of car rental in or just trying to find any information about car rental in a particular region, people often ask the wrong questions. Search rooboty Google and Yandex are trying to make search more intelligent, but today, as many people think, they are likely to give birth to yourself in a negative indicator, as issued in the first pages directories, classified ads sites that have to hire a side and mediocre attitude. Man's interesting to find direct supplier, such as the provision of such services like car rental in Donetsk.
What and how to gain - of course by looking at Donetsk man attains the query "car rental Donetsk" or "car rental in Donetsk" with Yandex (Russian search engine) will give almost the same results, but Google will treat it differently because the poorly understood in decline, adds prepositions.
Many questions arise because of the different search words describing the service. With regard to Kharkov, you can ask about the service in such formats: Kharkov car rental, car hire in Kharkov, rent a car Kharkov and rental cars in Kharkiv . All these questions will have the same purpose and carry the same meaning, but here is a set of words and phrases just confuses people sometimes.
Special unpopular lately become long, not short-cut requests, such as for Dnepropetrovsk - Dnepropetrovsk car rental, car hire in Dnepropetrovsk, car rental Dnepropetrovsk, rent a car in Dnepropetrovsk. Visitors are more and more like the word AUTO, but not the car - apparently it's laziness.
In the eastern regions of Donetsk, Lugansk can find common request with the word machine, so will ask car hire in Donetsk and Lugansk car rentals /ru/arenda-avtomobilei-lugansk.html
Users without access to Russian-language keyboard, and do not want to use the virtual, which is present in the same robots, asked Russian request in Latin writing as prokat avto doneck, prokat avto v dnepropetrovske, arenda avto v harkove .....
Well, the most interesting in our opinion is a request without changing the keyboard language, which I would like to immediately specify the body of the page as the most common mistakes is good though the search robot learned to guess and to offer options to the user. And so what is this error and how to translate them:
1. car rental in Donetsk - ghjrfn fdnj d ljytwrt
2. Rent a Car Donetsk - fhtylf fdnj d ljytwrt
3. Car rental in Donetsk - ghjrfn fdnjvj, bkz d ljytwrt
4. car rental in Donetsk - fhtylf fdnjvj, bktq d ljytwrt
5. Car rental Kharkiv - ghjrfn fdnj [fhmrjd
6. Rent a Car Kharkov - fhtylf fdnj [fhmrjd
7. The rental cars in Dnepropetrovsk - ghjrfn fdnj d lytghjgtnhjdcrt
8. Rent a Car Dnipropetrovsk - fhtylf fdnj lytghjgtnhjdcr
We want you to focus on the internet and ask the right questions.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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