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August 2019

Of course, like most people, some of our employees go on nature. It just so happened that the frame SUVs dismantled in the rental, and go to the forest belt and still close to the town on passenger cars or parketnike, in principle, there is no difference. The only difference here is of course the availability of all-wheel drive and ground clearance in parketnike, still higher. Whatever it was, our employees have decided to go on a new Hyundai I30 in the forest belt. No one wanted to go into the thickets, and so close to civilization, build a fire, cook the meat.
As for evil, the car stuck in the sand, because the pine forest was a small sandstone site and as a result, the car with automatic transmission very quickly dug in the sand. Take the car impossible. Well, it was close to a lot of tourists, and handy set of the standard car, which, in an emergency situation was quite small. In total, with good people, who have left us in the lurch accumulated 10-12 people and it is only the men, but the car was not really pull. It would seem that 10 men are not able to pull a small Hyundai I30. In front of the car is terrible pitch, front fenders, if you raise the car, just as the foil will come off with the hood somehow too dangerous, in general, with all the power superiority with 10 healthy men who would be thrown out of car as a feather did not help.
They began to dig out cars Children's shovel, well I come to the aid of a holidaymaker who was entrenching shovel. Here with the help of the blade, we have been actively excavated the wheel, and with a jack and a pair of bricks that underlay under it, raised the one the other side of the road and laid the bricks under the wheels. After, lowered the car, laid the branches and only the second time, with the help of the same 10 men, car Geely M Grand, who took us back to the lift, we pushed the car from ambush.
Fu, having been occupied, we all probably 5 hours, for there is something to remember.
Only one conclusion - the world is not without kind people. How nice when you just have someone help when in difficult times there were those who gave the spade, hooked up a second car, helped the 10 pairs of hands.
Let's do good and help people. Thank you!

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