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Maidan in Lviv

March 2020

In Lviv passes "maidan" in support of Ukraine's European integration. In the city center, near the opera house a large crowd of people. According to various estimates, in the center of Lviv area it comes from two to thirty thousand people.
Our office is located in the center of the city. Mass protests pose a small problem in the office work, namely the traffic police officers is limited parking and vehicle access, as the movement is limited.
According to our staff in Lviv, one day in the office all call traffic police and asked to remove a parked car. Traffic police reported the license plate number, then contact the customer operators, rental car and asked him to rearrange the car, because it impedes public events.
Lvov preserve tolerance and quite sympathetic to everything going on. A lot of people left the city, going by bus or your own car in Kiev, to substitute and support the protesters in Kiev.
In the car rental office in Kiev - a complete stagnation. Due to the mass pickets blocked the entire central part of the city. Tourists in the city is, but it is likely to reporters and foreign journalists, not just guests, precisely because the rental cars are idle more than it usually is.

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