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All fests in Lviv in April

March 2020

Magic Lviv, full of tradition and festivals, in April rich with interesting events. From 1 to April 27, the fourth annual festival of Easter eggs will be held in Lviv. The festival will be held under the open sky. So everyone will be able to participate in it, to learn to paint Easter eggs a variety of styles and techniques. The purpose of this festival to revive the ancient traditions of our ancestors and spend a family holiday, because the eggs will be painted entertaining activity for both children and adults, as well as decorate the city of Leon Easter. Easter egg for a long time was a magical symbol of the sun, which embodies the energy of life, happiness, joy. There are four types of painted eggs, namely krashanka, pysanka, krapanki and dryapanki (all Ukrainian name). During this period will be "master classes" for coloring eggs, for those wishing to master this art. Eggs will make of various interesting materials, flowers, balloons, chocolates, and others. The festival will be accompanied by a variety of exciting fun, auctions, games, folklore ensembles, dance groups, as well as the Easter concert will be held. Therefore partakers of memorable performances that will fill the cozy atmosphere of a family Lviv and will fill you and your family a festive mood. Lviv is always open to visitors, so you get a lot of interesting experiences, and in Lviv has a car rental service, for those tourists who want to go in the surrounding area of Lviv and feel the festive atmosphere and the countryside. Rent a car with us and visit all the cultural activities, enjoy the architecture of Lviv, castles. We are waiting for you at our office, at the city of Lviv, Cyril and Methodius Street 28/4, a map link, you can see here

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