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Rent a car in April

April 2020

Unpredictable weather! Be careful! Although the calendar is already April, and outside the window the spring, the weather never ceases to amaze. A few days ago, it was consistently sunny and did not promise the return of winter, but the weather does not cease to surprise and in April in eastern Ukraine snow falls. While it's not the snow drifts, the temperature outside is above zero, yet motorists to be careful on the road. If your car needs to change the tires, the summer tires are not designed for such weather conditions. Ordering a rental car - pay attention to this remark.
In western Ukraine - falls heavy rain, and in the cities, where instead of the asphalt surface paving, the road is not as safe as the treacherous cobbles slippery in the rain and the car is not as well kept as the road in dry weather. Be careful, keep your distance on the road, do not exceed the speed and refrain from dangerous maneuvers in such weather conditions. For example, if you decide to get a rental car in Lviv and want to move around the city, it is worth remembering the ominous pavement, it can be worse than the ice.
In the near future should fully prevail spring, sudden weather changes in Ukraine is not expected, because you can plan your weekends and holidays, and it is Palm Sunday, Easter, May holidays, which is not far off. For comfortable use rental services, rent a car at any of our offices in Ukraine and go on a trip or on vacation. Call us or book cars through the website and we will promptly respond to your requirements.

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