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April 2020

Office Jobs in Simferopol suspended due to lack of legal regulation in the Crimea.
In connection with the situation in the country, particularly in the Crimea, it is very difficult to work in this region. We do not understand many of the issues that relate to business management, settlements, of banks, insurance companies and law enforcement. Because Crimea stuck between Ukraine and Russia, how it is possible to work there and under what conditions, there are no answers.
Large supermarkets, Ukrainian banks, and various branches of Ukrainian companies and institutions will cease to exist, some closed, others temporarily stop waiting for change, and some clarity in business yet. Not clear is the question of currency Crimea, pensions, and payments are made in rubles, payment services, such as utilities, in UAH, as well as in markets exposed to food prices in rubles and UAH.
Our company has temporarily suspended the work of the city Simferopol, we are waiting for legislative changes and working conditions, hope to soon solve a difficult situation. Today you can rent a car in the nearest cities where we have our offices, namely, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Lugansk.

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