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Water monday in lviv

May 2020

Water Monday in Lviv will be held April 21, 2014, the first Monday after Easter. Usually, in Lviv celebrate it every year, more popularly called "Watering Monday" or "pure" because they believe that the water in this day cleanses a person.
This year, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovaya allocated a special area for pouring, it was the Market Square, to those who wish to participate in this event could pour, and people who do not want to take part remained dry. On the Market Square Water was delivered, in order to allow it to pour. Many city residents and tourists took part in this event, the weather was sunny and beautiful, and facilitated oblivnye Monday after dousing people have the opportunity to bask in the drier and the cafes and restaurants of Lviv, who hospitably invited visitors.
In the city, for the Easter holidays, there were a large number of tourists, who took part in all the activities and entertainments of this type, which Lviv was enough. Tourists use our services and book a car hire in Lviv visiting these holidays are not just Lions, and a few more cities, which was celebrated at least colorful.

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