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Details of car rent conditions told to a customer

June 2020

Car rental in Kharkov faced with an interesting situation. The customer ordered a rent a car in Kharkiv came to the office. Our managers began to explain in detail the terms of the rent and answer all his questions. The client appeared objections. This applies to its responsibility for the car at the time of hire. Why is taken a deposit for the car and why CDW and CTP do not cover all costs in case of an accident.
We do not build relationships with customers on the path of deception. Truth and honesty are very important to us. And we want to explain all how the car rental company do in Ukraine, including our company in Kharkov, what are the ways to avoid conflict and how to keep the customer a deposit for the car.
Let's start:
1. What is included in a rental price?
The rental price includes a car in this class, CDW and CTP insurances, maintenance of car tires for the season, a certain daily mileage.
2. What is not included in the rental price?
The rental price does not include additional services, supply or return of the vehicle outside the office, fuel, rerun, car washing and other services.
3. Why is taken a deposit for the car?
The first of all, deposit for the car is taken to avoid damage to the rental company applied in the case of loss of registration certificate for the car keys, license plates, CTP insurance, spare wheel, brace, jack. Total that is transmitted to the client, along with the car. In the second place, the deposit is taken to ensure that the client did not give up the car after the end of the lease. He returned the car to the office and took a pledge. And in the third place, a pledge is the responsibility before the rental company in case of violation of conditions of renting a car. Terms and conditions are the same for all customers, and do not depend on nationality and gender.
4. In what cases does not return the deposit?
Terms of rental agreement written primarily to rental companies and legally it is fully protected. But this does not mean that if you have a car, you will lose the deposit. If you violate the terms of the contract, rental company has the right not to return the deposit for the car or return is not in full, but the lease terms are very simple, and run them is not difficult. In cases of gross violations of the company does not return the deposit. For example, if you returned the car damaged, without the knowledge of the company at the time of the accident, the company has the right to keep the deposit for the car or return it is not full. Even if the car has insurance CDW and CTP, the client is obliged in case of accident notify the company and issue the documents to the insurance company.
5. Why CDW and CTP insurances do not cover all costs?
When you call the insurance company for the insurance CDW and CTP, our company held a franchise is usually a percentage of the value of the car. The insurance company covers the damage of the vehicle is not fully, ie pays all expenses net of deductible. Deductible per vehicle is approximately equal to a deposit for the car. And in this case, the Company has the right not to return the deposit for the car.
6. How to save a deposit for the car in full and get it back?
In order to save a deposit for the car and is guaranteed to get it back, our company provides additional insurance zero liability. This insurance covers absolutely everything and your responsibility for the car is reduced to zero. In order not to happen in a way you do not incur any costs, all covered by our company at his own expense. For example, you come to the car and saw in it a dent or scratch, you can simply call us and warn about it. Read the terms of zero liability insurance can be here /ru/news/news291.html
7. Is it possible to rent a car without deposit?
To get car rental quite impossible without deposit, but it can be significantly reduced. When ordering additional insurance the deposit for the car is reduced by several times. For example, when ordering a car in the middle class, the standard $ 600 deposit, secured by insurance with zero liability will be only USD 150.
We hope this information will help all who choose to take advantage of car rental in Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine. Even if you decide to take the car rental company to another, but are afraid that you can cheat, we are quite free to advise you and help you to avoid conflict situations. Call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions related to the car rental.

If you find an inaccuracy in our new or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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