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Enjoy music while driving

August 2020

Our fleet is represented by the large number of different vehicles. Some automakers have signed contracts with renowned companies specialize only in car audio systems to increase customer loyalty, while others use a standard line of car manufacturers.
All our cars are equipped with an MP3 player that will make your trip more enjoyable, because you can take the CD drive with your favorite music. We have cars with a built-in USB and AUX inputs. Some people believe that playing music through a CD drive is much clearer and better than the USB and AUX inputs. There is right, but only if you want to participate in competitions on cars sound where the clarity of the Summit and not compared to hearing people, and special devices.
Do you want to enjoy just the music that you like? Then you can use the USB and AUX inputs and the difference in sound quality feel. European scientists have shown that people who listen favorite music tracks less tired and feel more energetic in the medium and long-haul journeys. The another plus of USB input is the fact that while driving or parking, you can charge the batteries of phones or tablets.
View vehicle derails that give you information about possibility of connection and listen the music from different devices. You can see more in our fleet /en/autopark_Ukraine.html, we are trying not to lose this information, although in some cases the equipment described may differ due to various modifications and vehicle equipment.

If you find an inaccuracy in our new or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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