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International driving license

December 2020

Is this necessarily and why? Everyone knows the term international driving license and everyone knows what is the essence of it, but when time comes for example to rent cars in Ukraine, not everyone understands why rental companies necessarily wants that it been presented. Most customers think that if his driving license is of a new model, the plastic means, it’s an international license, but it isn’t always like so.

Ukraine is a country that has signed the International Convention on the traffic in 8th of November, 1968 in Vienna. That is why to drive of vehicle you need to ensure that your country was among of those who signed the Convention, or you must have international driving license. It is very important to have an international driving license, because rental cars in Ukraine without its will come to a mulct, in event of a road accident all fault will be on you in any case, and the insurance company will not cover anything. So be careful when visiting countries where you want to rent a car or just to use the vehicle.

If you have the driving license not to international standard, to make it you can being in your country for just two days, it have been translated into several languages and given to you for one year using.

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