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Intensified car thieves. Steal even hamburgers!

January 2021

 Company RACE wants to warn you against possible losses. Over past few months is very active theft. This activity is observed in the thefts of the shops and offices, and in the theft of the cars. Thieves do not stop anything, even take small things and food, what seems as nonsense at all.

From the last recorded thefts, for example, are stealing near the shopping center "Dafi" in Dnepropetrovsk, when the owner left his purchases from the supermarket and a package with a meal from “McDonald's”, when he departed for buying some stuff that forgot to buy. Returning from the purchase, he discovered thieves fleeing with packages from his car while chasing the last could not catch up. The amazing story happened by the fact that thieves have taken not only packages of food from the supermarket, but also packs with a hamburger from “McDonald's”, perhaps, they were very hungry. Of course, we can say that it was an accident and coincidence, but then what about the other incident that happened 2 weeks before New Year in Dnepropetrovsk.

Near the shop "Slavutych" - "Varus" in Kirova avenue, leaving the car with the purchase of foods from the shop "La Silpo", the owner of Volkswagen Touareg was away for 15 minutes in a shop to look something, the car was opened and completely robbed.

Was made tens and hundreds fraudulent actions during the day.  Considering the deficiency of incomes and growth currencies, the thieves will not be stopped by anything, even steal burgers.

Video cameras,  located at all parking in supermarkets, do not stop thieves. Probably, the police not enough well works in Ukraine. When will such as in Georgia as in time  of Saakashvil? And ordinary Ukrainians will be able to leave an open car with a handy and money and car will not be touched by anyone?

We ask you to be vigilant, not to leave any bags, handbags or any things in a car. Any thing, even a hamburger can lead to opening your car and in addition to the value of stolen thing, you will get more trouble with damage of your car.


In pointed cases cars were opened which was 2013 year issue, new cars with electronic keys, but as we have seen, it didn’t stop the thieves.

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