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Rental electric vehicles in Ukraine

February 2021

More and more cars began to appear on electric motors in Ukraine, there are premium Tesla and Nissan Leaf and others. In gas stations is already possible free charging of a car to continue traveling.

In Ukraine the electric cars are imported by gray dealers, that means the official Nissan cars LIF don’t supplies to the Ukrainian market, there is no representation of Tesla on the territory of Ukraine. According to the statistics of imports provided by the Ukrainian customs 90% imported electric cars were imported after traffic accidents, with injuries, after restored and put on sale.

Some car rental companies have already bought some electric vehicles to realize its for a rent. The main customers for the rental of electric cars are those who wish to buy a car and decided to try out the car, rode on it.

The market of electric cars must make a revolution and to displace gasoline cars by the idea of ​​manufacturers of electric cars. But not the fact that it will happen. Literally in the back of electric cars already breathe car manufacturers in the hydrogen engine, when instead the fuel uses water.

Minus of electric cars after all  is a small battery and quick battery discharge under the frost. Electric cars difficult and uncomfortable to use those haven’t a warm garage or a private home. Would you not outstretch an extension  from the third floor of five-floor building which you live in???

Technology is great, even better - technical progress, but not the fact that the first discovery will be the last, on the start of the way is very often who was first would not the first at the finish.

So far test electric cars, electric vehicle hire, order car rental in Ukraine.



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