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Winter rates for rent

January 2017

car rental in UkraineHave you been looking for a good offer? Or maybe don’t you like just to walk and feel cold on the streets in winter days and nights?

We have developed the program especially for our favorite customers. Not just a simple program, but anti-crisis proposal. Now you can rent the best budget car for 1 day just for $ 20, and if you would rent a car for 1 month - the rate will be only $ 10 per day. We make the cheapest offer to you, so you will not feel cold in the winter time and you will still mobile.

A car broked, regular maintenance of a vehicle is delaying or simply you haven’t got a car, or maybe have happened a road accident - take a rental car - a cheaper option. We made for you special rates in winter that you can simply afford to use rental service.

If you are confused of the economy class car, well, order the "B" class in the price range of 40-12 USD per 1 day, and the car in "C" class can be ordered only for $ 15 per day.

Would you agree, that our prices are a great offer !!! ???

See full price list, after then you can safely book a rental car.

Attention! The action is not actual - go to the fleet to view the current prices for rental cars.

If you find an inaccuracy in our new or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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