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Find out Everything about Landscape Alley in Kyiv

The landscape alley in Kyiv is probably one of the most beautiful places in Kyiv. In this article you can find out about the history of alley creation, its description and unique features.

Idea and creation

The architect Andriy Miletskyi created the Landscape Alley in 1980. The idea was very grandiose: they were going created not only the alley but also a museum and reconstruct Andriyivskyy Descent. However, due to some unknown reason was created just a common alley that became such a beautiful one only in 2009.


All the exhibits that we can observe today are made from colorful mosaics by the sculptor Kostyantyn Skrytutskyi according to the idea of Olga Kondratska.

You can see such exhibits, as amiable faces of cats, angels that are sitting on the pillows, the fountain with lovely zebras and elephants and may other sculptures.


The infrastructure of the alley has been constantly developed – from year to year new benches, flower beds and fountains are added. Recently a new restaurant was opened.

For whom it may be interesting

Expositions, in other words sculptures are for children, but it would be also interesting for adults to see them and enjoy a gorgeous view on Kyiv city right from the alley.

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