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New office in Kharkov

January 2017

new office in Kharkov

Attention!!! We changed the office address in Kharkov. The office on Matiushenko street, 13 does not work, for the convenience of our regular and new customers, we offer free delivery of a car in any place in Kharkov.

Very soon we will open doors of a new office for you. We try to make a car rental in Kharkiv even more suitable  for you, because our new office will respond of all the criterias of comfortable for the customer.

When the new office will be equipped, we will be glad to invite you, but now you may take advantage of our proposal for the free delivery a car to you address in Kharkiv.

Not necessarily to visit our Kharkov office for orderinng a rental car, just contact our Ukrainian operators, calling:

+ 380-67-522-6-555 or + 380-67-644-6-555 or direct phone our office in Kharkov + 380-96-888-35-35, we will be glad to help you.

We work for you, thank you that you are with us.

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If you find an inaccuracy in our new or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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