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Car Rental in Uzhhorod

3 reasons to rent a car in Uzhhorod

  1. Time saving (comparing to the public transport) and money saving (cheaper than taxi services).
  2. Business trip – business class car rental will ideally suit you.
  3. Test drive of the car you like – when you have already chosen which exactly car model you want to buy but firstly want to try driving it, you are not 100% sure that you need exactly this car.

5 advantages of Race car rental company

  1. A big fleet – a great choice of the car. Even in peak-season, you will find that very car that suits you.
  2. Low costs on car rental.
  3. Only new cars in the fleet.
  4. Transfer service – giving a car in cities where there are no Race offices.
  5. Any additional services – we can provide you with everything you like (in car rental sphere).

Places of interest in Uzhhorod

Even if you came to Uzhhorod on a business trip, save some time to visit the most famous places of interest in the city:

  1. Old castle – it is the pride and the main place of interest in the city. It is located in the Eastern part of Uzhhorod and you can see it practically from any city point.
  2. Child railway – it has only two stations. It starts from the theatric square and ends in the city park.
  3. Lime alley – the alley is 2,5 kilometers long and there grows, respectively, only limes. Have a walk when the lime trees bloom and feel their scent.
  4. Lighthouse “Svobodka” – it is the smallest active lighthouse on the territory of Ukraine. It was created in 2011 and since that time, it is functioning as a lighthouse. It is no more than 17 centimeters high.

Visit the abovementioned and others places of interest in Uzhhorod. Take a car for a rent in order to have time to visit as many places of interest as you can.

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