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Introduction of a recycling tax

September 2013

On September 1, 2013 tax for scrappage scheme, which means that the rise in price of new cars in the amount of 7500 UAH introduced in Ukraine and above, depending on engine size. This increase will cause an outflow of ordinary consumers from buying cars, but there will blow on the car rental industry? We think that car hire http://race.net.ua this introduction will bypass, as this will cause a rise in price growth in the rental price up to 10-30 UAH. a day that does not significantly impact on the consumer. This fact may influence contrary to the positive dynamics of growth of industry of car rental, so how to take a rental car will be even more profitable than to buy it. The trend of the rental profitability already saved in many developed countries. So in Canada, has long rental is on par with the purchase, consumers are clearly segmented and choose between renting or buying. In Ukraine, while buying a car more relevant question.

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