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The car price can grow up

January 2014

Despite the crisis and the loss of purchasing power of the population, considering the introduction of the recycling collection in Ukraine in the sale of cars. As a result, vehicles can still grow by 5000 - 8000 UAH. This prospect is not happy. Not only is the car went up in the lift duty investigation, a further appreciation of the market may simply not survive. The rise in price of transport will also increase the cost of services directly related to the car, such as car rental. Already, many autodealers declare a significant drop in sales of new cars. If today salons survive even at the expense of sales of cars at the old prices, as the car drove to Ukraine just huge volumes, it will soon have to tighten their belts.
Said prospect of a rise in price of cars is not a happy one, nor autodealers nor buyers or manufacturers of cars, the more the company offering rental cars in Ukraine. Some manufacturers of transport in general said that if Ukraine does not remove the barriers - delivery vehicles only stop on the territory of Ukraine.

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