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The Most Romantic Place in Ukraine

In a small Klevan city in Rivno region there is a unique miracle of nature, or to be more accurate – the miracle created by nature and by a man that is called “A Tunnel of Love”.

The distance from Kyiv to Klevan is 350 kilometers. In 400 meters from Klevan station where trains make a stop there is a Tunnel of Love.

Legend #1 about tunnel creation

A man and nature created this “tunnel” together. According to the locals, in Soviet times there was a military base not far from Klevan where lead this railway branch where now the tunnel is. People put the trees to cover the railways to make the train that is get ammunition to the military base unnoticed from air.

Legend #2 about tunnel creation

In some period of time was created a woodworking factory. And the train get the workers to the abovementioned factory and with any movement cut the braches down. And polished it to make it look like a tunnel. Or maybe the railways are grown with the a big amount of trees after that when the train stopped getting the workers to the factory?

Choose a legend that you like most. We doubt that we will find truth someday.

Legend about the tunnel #3

Nowadays they say that if two beloved hold arms in each other hands, make a wish at the beginning of the tunnel and go till its end, then their wish will come true. However, the ones that tell this legend do not say whether it is true or no.

When to visit a Tunnel of Love

A Tunnel of Love may be visited at any time: in winter it looks like in a fairytale, summer and spring here are just wonderful and in autumn it looks very beautiful in yellow and orange colors. Only the period between seasons will not be in hand because at this time everything is grey, it is rainy and sad. According to locals, the tunnel looks great in a clear moon night.

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