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5 the Most Wonderful Places of the Ukrainian Nature

Ukraine has such wonderful places in nature, which analogues do not exist in the whole world.

Stone graves

There are Stone graves in Zaporizhia region that are located in the valley of Molochna river. These natural stone sculptures were created far Before Christ, but who has made them? Even nowadays scientists cannot answer this question, so it is still an open one. The archeologists have found no graves under the statues. It is possible that this place were created especially for rituals. And the ancient inscriptions look like Sumerian ones. According to a legend this was a kingdom that was charmed by one angry sorcerer. But this is just a legend.

Daffodils valley

The best time for making visits is the first half of May. Just at that time every flower is blooming. The valley existed far before Ice age. According to the scientists it survived the period mentioned. Only in the Alps and Rumanian mountains exist alike valleys, but they got far less flowers than the Ukrainian valley.

Milk Stone cave

There is a cave in Carpathians where the cascades of limestone thickened in wonderful forms. The cave is 92 meters long. The road to it lies in the beech forest that is in the list of UNESCO Worldwide Heritage. During the archaeological excavations were found the things that were used in ordinary life of ancient people. Nowadays they are located in Ukrainian museums. The secret passage leads to the second floor, but it is really secret and no every guide has a right to let you there. In general, “the first floor” will be enough for you to get impressions for several months ahead.

Love tunnel

A part of railway road that leads through the forest is called in such a way. The trains that used exactly this road formed the trees in such a way that they created a tunnel. It is considered one of the most romantic places not just in Rivne, but on the whole territory of Ukraine. Due to this very reason, this place is so popular among the people who are in love. According to a legend if you are here with your second half and make a wish, it will definitely come true. The only condition is that your love must be real.

Oleshkivski sands

You may get into a desert without leaving the territory of Ukraine. Just 30 kilometers from Kherson there is the biggest sand massif of Europe. And not be surprised if you find an oasis and not salty lake just in the middle of a desert. Be careful if you decide to have a walk here. In Soviet times there were military trainings and many explosive devices from helicopters lies in Oleshkivski sands. Nowadays Oleshkivski sands are considered being a natural national park.

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