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RACE`s 7th birthday

April 2013

Today, 3 April 2013, the brand RACE - Rent A Car Enterprise, deployed by 7 years. We are very excited about this event, because we have already 7 years. Not every one of our customers 7 years with us, because someone tried to rent somewhere else, someone used to work with another company, but now it only works with us and we are happy and appreciate it for our customers. On behalf of the entire company would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, our customers, for what you have spent with us these 7 years, and even if you joined our ranks recently, we are still happy to. There will be 7 years and the many years of cooperation, not only with you but with your friends, children, relatives, acquaintances.
For 7 years we have grown from a small firm, which occupies a small room, in the company serves 5 regions of Ukraine: Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, further work is ongoing in the direction of Simferopol, Kiev, Lvov, Krivoy Rog. Our fleet has long exceeded 100 cars, we have passed this milestone and has long outgrown fineness.
For 7 years, I think we do not become arrogant, cunning, on the contrary, we tried and tried more to you, annually buying more new cars, automotive pleasing novelties have just descended from the conveyor.
I think that without someone's offense did not happen, of course someone was unhappy with us, I please one that people like 1 in 1,000 of our customers and the discontent is likely to be caused by the behavior of the consumer rental services. We just grew and we can not stop at the level of understanding of certain people who live by the rules, pointing to our employees in a tough tone: "you do not understand, I brought you the money," while into arrears. We just said goodbye to such customers, regardless of their merit and long work. For us there is no difference you are rich or poor, we love you any, but rules are rules and procedures should be. RACE never allow to offend their employees and customers. We have 7 years keep your secrets, it is a fact that someone drives a car to his mistress, someone official and does not want to show their expenses - we all understand, but we will not step betray you and always keep your secrets . We ask you to always be treated with respect to any employee, and if you hurt someone or goes wrong in relation to you, the member of our staff will suffer the most severe punishment. Returning to the question of debtors, offended by this question, I would say that morality and the rules do not allow us to take it calmly. You always want to give an example of a grocery store, which I go for more than 15 years, I know all the vendors and security, they know me, but I have never allowed myself to dial two food bags and tell sellers - "you do not understand, I did not 15 go to the store, I listed the money .... ". I always pay money and even allow to say is I can not - it's taller than me, and my morals. Therefore grievances expressed about the refusal to work with the ignorant and rude, even the very rich even lie on their conscience.
Our clients I want to say that in the month of April 2013, we will launch a great loyalty program for each person, hire a car in our company RACE - it will not just discounts, it will really be a program built individually for each and benefit here will be laid and a large potential.
Our next, ie, eighth year of activity declared under the motto "Rent a car in Ukraine - it's easy." If all the 7 years we have been building quality, cooperation, friendship in the field of car rental, in this year, we will add more and the word is simple - you really see that it's very simple and easy if you say it is not so - I'll have to you apologize, but it does not happen 100% sure.And so, until May 1, 2013, you will see RENTAL IS JUST in all our actions.

If you find an inaccuracy in our new or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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