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Conditions of car rental in Georgia

The requirement for the vehicle rental:
1. passport
2. Driving license with Category "B"
3. Age – no less than 21 years
4. The driving experience – no less than 2 years

Payment. Form of payment

Car rental fee depends on the vehicle class, rental period. The longer period you rent, the cheaper cost you have.

Payment for the rental of the vehicle is carried out at reception in full.

Long term renting can be paid monthly. In the case you want to rent a car per month, but with weekly payment, payment will be charged at the rate of a week instead of months.

We accept cash, cards of international payment systems, cashless payment.

If you have dollars or euros, our staff will tell you how it is better to change money for the local currency.

There is only one way to pay for rental and collateral:

  1. Payment in cash means that the deposit is also left in cash
  2. Paying a rental fee through card is a cash deposit
  3. Payment of rental in the office on the card - payment of a deposit with the same card in the office


It is better to book the car when you have taken the final decision on reservation with exact dates for rental. It is better to make bookings in advance on holidays or in the summer time, as many people want to rent a car at the same time.

Upon your bookings - we will send a confirmation. Prices listed on the web are relevant.

Reservation can be paid or not paid - Priority will have paid booking. The prepayment amount will be read out in the basic order, in other words, in the preparation of the car you will pay less for the amount of the advance payment.

The order can be arranged via phone, website, online chat, sending an e-mail.

Reservation - this is 100% confirmation of your order. After placing your order online or by phone, your order is approved, then you will receive a confirmation of the booking to your e-mail or phone call. Your bookings will be assigned a unique booking reference number. You will be sent an electronic voucher upon booking and pre-payment, which is a guarantee of your booking.

Reservation made on the vehicle class and the gearbox. We will respect your wishes on the car. If a class has several subclasses that differ in price, you will be offered only a car of this subclass. It is impossible to order a Volkswagen Polo in economy class and get a Daewoo Lanos - a subclass of Polo will be different, even though both cars belong to economy class. You can find more information about classes and subclasses (SIPP) in our price list.

Order cancellation, returning of prepayment

You can cancel your booking at any time. In case if your cancellation if done less than 72 hours before rental start, we return full amount of your prepayment. If you cancel booking less than 72 hours before rental start, we do not compensate your prepayment.

We do not return the prepayment in case if your order is done according to the special promos or conditions that set another rules of returning prepayment or cancellation.

Attention! We do not compensate you banks commission, transfer commission or the losses because of currency exchange rates, we do not pay any interest for having your money at our account.

Term of car rental

Car rental period is calculated from the date of receipt of the vehicle. One day is equal 24 hours of rental. Renting a car without a driver is held daily. If you want to use the car for several hours you’ll pay a full day of rent.

The excess of the rental period for more than 1 hour - paid as rental fees for 1 day, in case of excess rolled less than 1 hour - payment will be not charged.


The car passed clean washing. You have to return it clean also. You cannot wash a car and pay for the car wash.


The cars are filled with a certain amount of fuel. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel. We offer you to choose the brand of fuel and refueling. Return the car with the same amount of fuel as received. Excess of fuel is not compensated by the Company, the lack of fuel is paid according to the tariff of gas stations without any penalties.

Our staff can recommend you gasoline station, as well as offer you the fuel with discount card.

Preparation and delivery of the car after hours, weekends

We can serve you during off-hours or weekend, holiday, for this option an additional payment will be charged.

Working time is 08 to 19 hours from Monday to Friday - no additional cost will be charged if these days do not fall on holidays.


We offer you unlimited mileage, when renting a car for more than 4 nights.

The mileage limit is 250 km / day when renting a car for up to 4 days - it is considered a total for the entire rental period. Exceeding the mileage limit is paid in addition. The co-pay amounts are indicated for each class of vehicle on the website when you see booking in order details.


We provide the service free parking in some regions of Georgia. Our cars have a paid subscription of parking for your rental period.

Some regions in Georgia provide parking fee. Today the parking fee presented in such regions as Tbilisi, Batumi. Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Gori. You can receive information about payed parking service via the rented car at our offices while receiving a car or while booking.

Getting and returning the car in different cities, for example, take the car in Tbilisi and return in Batumi

This service is available, but it is not always free of charge. This service can be provided free of charge, if there is a comparable load transport in both regional offices. In case if it is not, you will be offered to pay additional compensation for such service - the tariff «one way».

Cost of service (if it is made on a reimbursable basis) depending on the vehicle class, the city of receipt / return of the car and is about 40 - 100 US dollars.

The second driver seat, the navigator

The car rental contract may have several drivers for this service are charged a small fee.

We offer child seats, Navigators for rent. The cost is from $ 3-5 per day.

The airport / railway station

The car can be received or returned not only in the office. You can ask for car receiving at airport or railway station for additional payment.

A separate fee is charged for Kutaisi airport.


Prepayment for rental is always taken in the case of getting a car in the city of Kutaisi


Deposit is left exclusively in cash: cash, the card lock, bank transfer. The other forms of deposit are not provided. If you do not want to leave the deposit, consider renting a car without deposit - set out below.

Deposit acts as a guarantee fulfillment of obligations on your part when renting a car, as well as a deductible in the event of the insured event. That is, the insurance company pays compensation net of your deposit.

For example, there was a traffic accident (regardless of your guilt), damage of the car is 5000 US dollars, your deposit is $ 200. The insurance company will pay US $ 4,800, and $ 200 will be covered by your deposit.

For example, the insured event and the amount of damage is $ 100, then you will keep only $ 100, and the remainder, $ 100 (if you are allowed to pledge $ 200), will return to you.

Rent a car without a deposit or a reduced guarantee

You can rent a car without a deposit or a guarantee, reduced by 50% - pay additional insurance.

The car rental without deposit - 0 liability. In case of event event nothing charges from you, there is full coverage with no deductible.

The rental cars with a deposit of 50% - your liability is less than 2 times, and you are leaving and risking only 50% of the deposit amount.

The cost of additional insurance depends on the type of coverage (0 or 50%), vehicle class and the rental period. It is from 5 dollars a day.

Deposit refund

The deposit will be refunded upon returning of the car. In case you receive penalties during a period of car rental - you will be required to pay them.

If you leave a deposit via you card, we unblock your deposit amount immediately at the next bank (working) day. You'll see the money on your account during 7 - 30 days.


The car has three insurances. The insurances are not paid in addition. They are included in the rental cost. You can pay for extended insurance cover - without deposit or guarantee of 50.

Insurance, which are included in the rental price:
1. CDW+TP - car insurance of all cases of fire, theft, accident, scratches, damage
2. Third-party liability (TPL) - if you caused the damage to someone, it will be paid by our insurance
3. The life and health of the occupants - the driver and passengers are insured in case of harm to their health, medical care will be provided up to the surgery.

What to do in case of a traffic accident

Upon the occurrence of an insured event:
1. Do not drive from the scene
2. Call us on the hotline - on the last page of the contract there are phone numbers for the cases of insurance event, there are stickers in the car with our phone numbers
3. Wait for the police - 3 minutes (real time response police)
4. Wait till the registration of the event and the insurance commissioner comes - 20-30 minutes
5. Take the test for alcohol - it will be made by the police using Drager.

What does the client lose in case of accident?

In case of accident, if you arrange the rental contract with a deposit- you can lose the deposit ammount, if the amount of damages exceeds the amount of your deposit. How do not to lose? We have indicated above - receive additional insurance without deposit.

Pay a fine to police if you have been guilty of the accident - 250 GEL.

When do insurance not working

Insurance does not work and the responsibility of the customer is 100% in the following cases:
1. Loss of keys, vehicle documents, license plates
2. Transfer of driving people not entered into a contract
3. Congress or hide from the scene
4. the commission of crimes by car
5. Alcohol or drug intoxication in the commission of a road traffic accident
6. The intersection of two continuous strips of road markings, a red traffic light or semaphore at the railroadcrossing
7. The cut or puncture tires - cancellation fee of 2 wheels on the same axle when cut.

Traffic infraction

There are a lot of cameras in Georgia and 90% of the incidents recorded on video. When you return the car, or even a little later, do not be surprised if you will be fined. The cameras are on the roads, crossroads and fixed, even crossing the line at a traffic light.

There is a fine for not wearing a seat belt, talking on a cell phone while driving, discarding rubbish from a vehicle on the roadway in Georgia.

Do not think that you are a foreigner and you get away with it, police is pretty strict. The police is completely humane and can let you go without a fine, but do not try to play up or trick – you will get a double punishment.


When you rent a car at our company, the parking is always included into the car rental cost. However, this condition is only valid for the city where you have rented a car. Making a trip to another city, you will have to pay for the parking there on your own. The service of payable parking exists only in such Georgian cities as:

  1. Tbilisi
  2. Batumi
  3. Kutaisi
  4. Gori

You can pay for the car parking in Georgia in three ways:

  1. At any park department, you will have to show the cashier the Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  2. At any payment terminal (that is located outside)
  3. You can always ask our manager to pay for the parking. Even if you are outside of the office, you can do everything with the help of a phone.

The exceptions

  1. An airport, railway station, market and other private rented territories – the service of municipal parking does not applied on these territories and you need to pay for them in a separate way.
  2. Some Tbilisi streets – the central, they are out of the active zone of validity of the parking subscription. In order to leave the car there you need to pay an additional sum of money. The parking on these streets is not included into our service.

The fine for not paid parking

If you use the service of payable parking that is not included into the price of the car rental and you will not pay for these, the service of parking control will take its photo. Then, your car will be fined and you will pay for this.

The places for parking in Tbilisi, their cost is not included into the price

  1. Kote Abkhazi Street (close to the office of “ Race Rent a Car”, Kote Abkhazi Street, 22)
  2. Sulkhanishvili Street (there will be a shopping center Cerrefour (its address – Vekua Street, 3))
  3. Vekua Street (there will be Carrefour to the left)
  4. Atoneli Street, right against of Carrefour
  5. Mtkvari Street (the place in front of the houses #2-6)
  6. Pkhovi Street (in parallel with the restaurant of the Georgian cuisine)
  7. Revaz Tabukashvili Street (the place in front of the houses #8-14)
  8. Abano Street (the place in front of the houses #15-17)
  9. Ioseb Grishshvili Street (the place in front of the houses #10-26)

Places that are not worth visiting by car or where movement is possible only in certain periods of the year

We recommend not to traveling in these places as car driving there may be unsafe or even dangerous, not only for the car, but also for your life. In these places, you would not go by your car. These places are: 1. The length of the road Batumi-Akhaltsikhe, namely the part of the road after Keda to Adygene - bad road, only the SUVs, after the passage - ways repair is provided.
2. Road Upper Omalo in Tusheti - there you can drive only in the summer, not in rainy months, and use the SUVs
3. The road to Uzhguli through Kutaisi - in Uzhguli you need to go through Poti, it is a normal asphalt road there. There is no road through Kutaisi, some tourists risked pass, told that local people were looking at them as natives, because no one travels to these places, on cars, only in case of emergency
4. The road to Mestia further cable car - just head to the hiking here or order a special shuttle service by car with very high clearance
5. The occupied territory of Abkhazia, South Ossetia Crossing the border of Georgia is possible only under condition of registration of documents for traveling abroad and execution of additional insurance.

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