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Documents for car rental

1. passport
2. Driver's license
3. Driver's age – no less than 21 years
4. Driving experience - not less than 2 years

Rental period

The period of rental calculated daily. The daily rental begin to run from the date of receipt of the car rental. The excess of the rental period longer than one hour shall be the payment for the next day rental. Day - this is 24 hours.


The wheels on our cars always follow the season. The tire wears used according to the traffic road rules.


The cars are reserved in class. You always get the car in the class. We will try to fulfill your wish and ensure exactly the brand of car you want, but the reservation in the class associated with the technical requirements of vehicles (the need for maintenance, breakdowns and accidents), in connection with which we are always at 100% guarantee car class and the gearbox.

It is not required to make an advance payment for reservations, but you can do it or our staff may ask for prepayment if a reservation is put on holidays, or we have a large number of orders - we take an advance payment to guarantee your reservation and denial to other consumers.

The bookings can be arranged on a web, by phone, chat or through Skype, WattsApp, Viber.

Refusal of booking, returning prepayment

If you have made an advance payment for a reservation and want to cancel the reservation, this must be done within 48 hours from the time of reservation, with the beginning of the rental period must be at least 7 days from the time of booking. If the start date of hire less the 7 days, then give up the booking is possible in the course of 3 hours. If compliance with these terms, the advance payment you made will be refunded 100%, if the failure of the booking period is exceeded, the amount of a payment when booking - non-refundable in case of cancellation or withdrawal of reservation.


The payment is made in advance for the entire rental period depends on the number of days of hire and the car class.

The payment for car rental in Crimea made in Russian rubles.

The deposit for the car

You have to leave a deposit for the rented car, which is refundable on return of the vehicle.

You can get a car without deposit. In this case an extra insurance must be ordered and paid.

Deposit is a franchise and when the insured event happened it will be not refunded as deductible, the insurance company does not pay the amount of deposit.


All rental cars have CDW+TP insurance and motor third party liability insurance (TPL). The insurance covers all cases: accident, fire, hail, actions of third parties, theft.

The insurance does not cover such cases:
1. The use of the vehicle in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication 2. Hiding from the scene
3. Transfer car to persons not inscribed in the rental agreement
4. Waiver of registration of an accident or passing medical control at the scene in case
5. The cut or puncture the tires not caused by traffic accident
6. Loss of keys, vehicle documents, license plates
7. Violation of traffic rules
8. Water hammer - the ingress of water into the engine


We offer unlimited mileage for the entire rental period.

Preparation and delivery of the car after hours

Working hours of our offices 08 - 19 hours from Monday to Friday. The services at the weekend or out of hours, can be charged extra.

Receiving and returning the car at the airport

We provide car rental at the airport. The airport tax will be charged for the car delivering to the airport.

Additional driver, baby seat, navigators

You can order a child seat rental, navigator. The contract can be entered unlimited number of drivers. All services are paid additionally.

Delivery the car to any place in Crimea

We can bring the car to any place in Crimea. This service is payable.

The territory of car usage

The car can be used on the entire territory of the Crimea without the possibility of travel to other regions.