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What is included in the daily pay for the car?

The daily fee for a car is included:

1. Car rental 24 hours of receipt

2. Insurance and CASCO insurance MTPL

3. the cost of taxes

4. unlimited mileage or vehicle mileage at the rate of 250 km / day - depending on the class of vehicles

Does the cost of the daily rental price of the car fuel?

No. Car rental is obtained with a certain amount of fuel must be returned to the company with the same amount of fuel. Fuel is not included in the price of the daily rental as a full tank of fuel cost may exceed the daily rate Car rental .

At what time begins to count day hire?

The daily countdown starts to count from receipt of vehicles.

What additional fees may be required from me?

Additional fees may be required by the Company from the Client in the following cases:

1. The return of the car in the unwashed, filthy condition, including bitumen spots, interior stained food, etc. - The cost of the car wash (about 100 USD), - if the salon is very dirty cleaning cost (under heavy pollution understood - spilled drinks, pollution, the transportation of animals, chemicals, etc...)

2. The return of the car with less fuel than was issued - stoimst fuel at filling stations by 20%, but not less than + 10 UAH. (Taken in connection with the activation of the driver and the need to move the car to the gas station).

3. The loss of the keys, license plates, insurance policy, registration documents for the car, rugs

4. damage to tires or rims are not related to the accident (eg cut side wheel). In this case, money is deducted from the calculation of the cost of 2 tires.

5. The full responsibility for the accident in the cases involving the exclusion of insurance cases: leaving the accident scene, not a statement about the accident to the insurance company, alcohol or drugs

6. The gross non-compliance with terms of the contract. For example a car leaving in another city, without the consent of the Company.

7. Payment of the next day rolled in case of exceeding the rental period is 1 hour.

What is left to deposit for the car?

The deposit for the car is the car back guarantee of the Company (Client not leave the car in another city) includes a franchise in many insurance cases. Ensures the timely return of the vehicle, and is the guarantor of fulfillment of obligations by the Client.

Can I get a car without bail payment?

No. This is possible only in extreme cases, permanent corporate clients.

Is it possible to leave your car as collateral, passport, mobile phone or something else or someone else?

No. Deposit is left only in the form of money, as in the case of breach of contract by the Client, the Company has not engaged in realization of the things customers. These issues are dealt pawn.

What is the procedure for obtaining a rental car?

For Car rental need to have a passport, a copy of TIN code, a driver's license issued at least 2 years ago (or indicating the driving experience of at least 2 years), be at least 21 years.

In order to both better hire can quickly get a car just to do so:

1. at least 2 hours before receiving the car call to the company and order a car,

2. over the phone to convey his figures in, namely:

surname, first name,

full birth date,

series, number, when and by whom the passport is issued,

series, number, when and by whom issued driver's license,

Number TIN code,

3. leave your contact phone number.

If the car is available for 2 hours to prepare it (wash, inspect technically, prepare a rental agreement) and then call you back. If the vehicle that you would like to receive at the moment is busy you will be offered another option. If you essentially move in a particular car - the best placing for a few days.

Visiting the office you must have a passport and driver's license in the original copy of the INN code, bank cards of international payment systems (credit, salary - to speed up the registration procedures and the lack of delays on the part of the Company).

Client and the Company shall be signed by the two copies of the contract (a single client, the other - the Company), and the Client is given a roadmap for the entire period Car rental to move to Ukraine. At the signing of the contract is required to be drawn up of the car reception and transmission in the presence of the Customer which shall include all damage to the vehicle.

How do you define the rest of the fuel in the tank?

The fuel tank of any vehicle is divided into several divisions equivalent. According to the instructions to the vehicle tank is equal to a certain number of liters, so each division is equal to engine capacity of the tank divided by the number of divisions. The balance of the gasoline is put in accordance with the gas tank divisions.

What documents issued to the client?

The client receives the original registration certificate for the car rental contract, a roadmap for the entire rental period. These documents are sufficient for the movement throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Where recorded damage to the car?

Between the Company and the Client shall be drawn car Handover which indicates the vehicle equipment and vehicle damage.

Can I go to the rental car in another area?

By car, you can move through the territory of Ukraine without the right to travel abroad.

What to do in case of a car breakdown?

Our cars do not break at the customer. If the failure still did not come because of the client (Client wine - getting into the pits, an accident, etc.) the Company will change the car on the car of a similar or higher class. The most extreme case can be Remedy on STO or through our network of Assistance in the presence of the client - minor damage. In this case, the Customer can pay the cost of urgent repairs cars agreed price with the operator on the phone and then when you return the car and the presentation of the check to the stations and certificate of completion to the Client will be refunded the money.

How to determine who is at fault in a car break?

This is clearly evident from the nature of the damage.

Will I lose money if I was innocent in an accident?

Franchise is held in any way with the Client, regardless of the presence or absence of guilt in committing a traffic accident. Thus, exercising movement on our car, you are still responsible under the franchise. The amount deductible compensates for the guilty party. The client sends the documents necessary to reclaim the amount of the franchise from the guilty party.

Which mode of your offices?

Our offices are open from 9 to 17 pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays days. The car can get and deliver at any time and on any day (even holidays and weekends) - this is an additional service that is paid separately (an average of $ 5 for operator access to the non-working time).

Can I get a car outside office hours?

Yes. For an additional fee. The day off or after hours - $ 5. One-time for each service. For example if you get a car on Saturday and hand over on Sunday in addition to the daily payment must pay $ 8. (5 US dollars. For Saturday and Sunday).

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